Herbaceous Perennials - Spring 2004

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Urginea maritima Star-shaped, small white flws, with purple-green midribs. (7-8) 120cm. £3.75
Uvularia grandiflora (AGM) Dangling, green tinted, yellow flws, with twisted petals. (3-4) 75cm. £3.50
Uvularia grandiflora pallida Long, bell-shaped, pale straw-yellow flws, hang gracefully on arching stems. (3-4) 45cm. £3.75
Uvularia perfoliata Tubular, bell-shaped, pale-yellow flws, with twisted petals. Perfoliate lvs. (4-5) 60cm. £3.75
Uvularia sessilifolia Nodding heads of straw-yellow flws. Pale lvs, glaucous beneath. (4-5) 40cm. £3.75
Valeriana alliariifolia Rounded heads of white flws. Rounded bright green lvs. Runs in moist soil. (6-7) 75cm. £3.50
Valeriana hardwickii £3.75
Valeriana officinalis Heads of pale, pinkish-white flws. Deeply toothed, pinnate lvs. Cat's Valerian‘. (5-7) 120cm. £3.00
Valeriana phu 'Aurea' New spring growth is a bright golden-yellow. Spikes of white flws. (6-7) 75cm. £3.25
Vancouveria chrysantha Clusters of elegant, yellow flws. Shield-shaped, reddish-brown lvs. (4-5) 30cm. £3.75
Vancouveria hexandra Loose sprays of white flws, over carpets of fresh green lvs. (4-5) 40cm. £3.75
Veratrum album Large pyramidal panicles of small white flws, in branched spikes. (5-6) 200cm. £8.00
Veratrum californicum £9.00
Veratrum nigrum (AGM) Unpleasantly scented, reddish-brown, almost black flws, in short panicles. (6-7) 90cm. £8.00
Verbascum 'Annie May' £4.00
Verbascum 'Apricot Sunset' £4.00
Verbascum atroviolaceum (luridifolium) £4.00
Verbascum 'Banana Custard' £3.25
Verbascum blattaria Spikes of golden -yellow flws, with purple filaments. (5-6) 120cm. £3.25
Verbascum blattaria albiflorum £3.25
Verbascum boerhavii £3.50
Verbascum bombyciferum (AGM) Evergreen. Densely white woolly, basal lvs, with sulphur-yellow flws in tall spikes. (6-7) 180 £3.25
Verbascum bombyciferum 'Polarsommer' 'Arctic Summer‘. Dramatic, branched spikes of buttercup-yellow flws. Felted lvs. (6-7)150cm £3.25
verbascum 'Caribbean Crush' £3.75
Verbascum chaixii Semi-evergreen. Spikes of pale-yelow flws, with purple filaments. Grey-hairy lvs. (6-7) 90cm £3.25
Verbascum chaixii 'Album' Slender spikes of white flws, with maroon filaments. Large, basal lvs. (6-7) 90cm. £3.25
Verbascum 'Cherry Helen' £4.25
Verbascum 'Cotswold Beauty' (AGM) Branched spikes of apricot, pink, & peach flushed flws. Grey-green lvs. (5-6) 130cm. £3.50
Verbascum 'Cotswold Queen' Spikes of cup-shaped yellow flws, with purple filaments. Wrinkled, grey-green lvs. (5-7)120 £6.00
Verbascum creticum Large, primrose-yellow flws, with purple filaments. Needs excellent drainage. (6-7) 45cm. £3.50
Verbascum densiflorum Semi-evergreen. Branching spikes of densely packed, yellow flws. (6-7) 140cm. £3.25
Verbascum densiflorum -Polyploid Form £3.50
Verbascum 'Dijon' £3.50
Verbascum 'Gainsborough' (AGM) Tall, branching spikes of closely set, pale-lemon flws. Grey-green lvs. (5-7) 120cm. £3.75
Verbascum 'Helen Johnson' (AGM) Branched spikes of cup-shaped, light pink-brown flws, with purple filaments. (5-7) 90cm. £4.25
Verbascum 'Jackie' Spikes of warm soft peach-pink flowers with beige overtones. Felted leves. (6-8) 60cm £4.25
Verbascum 'Jolly Eyes' Narrow, upright spikes of pure white flowers with prominent purple filaments. (7-8) 90cm £3.50
Verbascum 'Letitia' (AGM) Small rockery form with much branched spikes of yellow flowers. (6-8) 30cm £3.50
Verbascum 'Megan's Mauve' Classy spikes of deep-mauve flws. Grey-green lvs. (6-7) 125cm. £4.25
Verbascum 'Mont Blanc' Semi-evergreen. Unbranched slender spikes of pure-white flws. Downy grey lvs. (5-7) 90cm £3.75
Verbascum nigrum (AGM) Spikes of dark-yellow flws, with purple filaments. Lobed green basal lvs. (6-8) 90cm. £3.25
Verbascum 'Norfolk Dawn' £4.00
Verbascum olympicum Candelabra heads of yellow flws in white wool. Huge felted basal lvs. (5-7) 180cm. £3.25
Verbascum oreophilum Bold, branched stems of large, golden-yellow flws, with purple filaments. Perennial.(5-7)120 £3.75
Verbascum phoeniceum 'Violetta' Slender spikes of dark violet purple flowers with deeper filaments. Self seeds.(5-7)120cm £3.50
Verbascum 'Pink Domino' (AGM) Semi-evergreen. Deep rose-pink flws with purple filaments in unbranched spikes. (5-7) 120 £3.75
Verbascum pyramidatum Narrow spikes of yellow flws, with purple filaments, in a dense wool. Wavy lvs. (6-7) 120cm. £3.25
Verbascum 'Raspberry Ripple' Cream flowers with a pink flush & raspberry filaments. Crinkled green leaves. (6-9) 90cm £3.50
Verbascum 'Royal Highland' Long, stiff spikes of apricot-yellow flws. Grey felted lvs. (5-6) 120cm. £3.75
Verbascum 'Snow Maiden' Pure white flowers with yellow filaments. Felted, flannel like grey leaves. (6-8) 120cm £3.75
Verbascum sp.coll Kos £3.50
Verbascum sp.coll Nepal £3.50
Verbascum 'Summer Sorbet' Spikes of soft mauve, almost blackcurrant flowers. Dark leaves. Perennial. (5-8) 120cm £3.75
Verbascum thapsus Woolly, robust biennial with yellow flowers. Scallop shaped white hairy leaves.(6-7)150cm £3.25
Verbascum 'White Domino' Bold spikes of white flws, with red-purple filaments. Grey-green lvs. (5-6) 90cm. £3.75
Verbascum wiedemannianum Arching spikes of rich-violet flws on bare stems. White haired, basal lvs. (6-7) 75cm. £3.75
Verbena bonariensis (AGM) Tall, airy stems, topped by clusters of small, mauve, scented flws. Sheltered spot. (6-9) 200 £3.50
Verbena corymbosa Small heads of sweetly scented, heliotrope-blue, white eyed flws. Toothed lvs. (5-9) 60cm. £3.50
Verbena 'Edith Eddleman' Glowing, intense cerise-crimson flws on spreading bushes. One of the hardiest. (5-10) 45cm £3.50
Verbena hastata Stiff panicles of salver-shaped, violet-blue flws. Airy & reliably hardy.(5-8) 120cm. £3.25
Verbena hastata 'Alba' Airy sprays of salver-form, white flws, held on pale-green stems. Hardy. (5-8) 75cm. £3.25
Verbena hastata 'Rosea' Small flattened heads of pale-pink flowers on purple flushed stems. Toothed leaves.(6-9)90cm £3.50
Verbena 'Homestead Purple' Strong grower. Clusters of large, rich purple flws. More or less hardy. (5-10) 45cm. £3.25
Verbena lasiostachys KHC124-02 Edging species, with short, branched spikes with upright lilac-pink flowers.(7-9) 20cm £3.50
Verbena litoralis Short spikes of tiny mauve flowers on much branched, airy stems. (7-10) 90cm £3.00
Verbena platensis RCB-RA-P-2 Trailing stems with huge heads of sweetly scented, creamy white flowers. (8-10) 15cm £3.50
Verbena rigida (AGM) Intense violet-purple flws in dense corymbs. Rough, toothed, rigid lvs. Shelter. (6-9) 45cm. £3.50
Verbena rigida 'Polaris' Dense clusters of pale lilac-pink, tubular flowers all summer. (6-9) 45cm. £3.75
Vernonia crinita 'Mammuth' Large flattened heads of rich violet-purple flowers. Good autumn colour. (8-10) 200cm £4.00
Vernonia fasciculata Flattened heads of dark-purple flws. Purple flushed lvs. (7-9) 150cm. £3.75
Vernonia missurica Missouri Ironweed‘. Heads of rose-purple flws. Finely cut, grey tomentose lvs. (6-9) 120cm. £3.75
Veronica austriaca 'Ionian Skies' Short spikes of sky-blue flws. Tumbling mats of finely cut, lacy lvs. (6-9) 30cm. £3.25
Veronica austri. teuc. 'Crater Lake Blue' (AGM) Short spikes of intense, gentian-blue flws. Creeping fresh green carpets. (6-7) 60cm. £3.50
Veronica austriaca teucrium 'Knallblau' Blue Bang‘. Long, narrow spikes of intense, gentian-blue flws. (6-8)30cm. £3.50
Veronica austriaca teucrium 'Royal Blue' (AGM) Dense spikes of true-blue flws. Good clump former. (6-7) 30cm. £3.50
Veronica 'Blue Indigo' Sport from 'Sunny Border Blue' with dark inky blue flowers. Needs a dry spot. (6-8) 50cm £3.50
Veronica chamaedrys 'Miffy Brute' Short spikes of white-eyed, blue flws. Carpets of heavily cream variegated lvs. (6-9) 20cm. £3.50
Veronica 'Ellen Mae' Short spikes of light purple flowers with protruding stamens. Good g.c. (5-8) 20cm £3.50
Veronica 'Eveline' Tall, fat spikes of rich rose-purple flowers. Long, pointed leaves. (6-8) 55cm £3.50
Veronica gentianoides (AGM) Spreading carpets of glossy, evergreen lvs. Spikes of pale-blue flws. (4-5) 45cm. £3.25
Veronica gentianoides 'Barbara Sherwood' Spikes of pale, powder-blue flws, veined deeper. Broad, glossy, evergreen lvs. (4-5) 40cm. £3.50
Veronica gentianoides 'Lilacina' Creeping mats of narrow, evergreen, linear lvs. Short spikes of lilac-blue flws. (4-5) 30cm. £3.25
Veronica gentianoides 'Nana' Dwarf form with short, compact spikes of pale sky-blue flowers. Glossy leaves.(4-6) 20cm £3.25
Veronica gentianoides 'Pallida' Short spikes of palest, ice-blue, almost white flws. Glossy lvs. (4-5) 45cm. £3.25
Veronica gentianoides 'Robusta' Spikes of cup-shaped, clear light-blue flws. Strong robust grower. (4-5) 60cm. £3.25
Veronica gentianoides 'Tissington White' Spikes of palest-blue, almost white flws. A less vigorous form. (5-6) 30cm. £3.50
Veronica gentianoides 'Variegata' Carpets of creamy-white, variegated lvs. Spikes of plae-blue flws. (5-6) 45cm. £3.50
Veronica grandis Delicate, narrow spikes of pale lilac-blue flws. Serrated lvs on upright stems. (6-7) 100cm. £3.50
Veronica 'Inspiration' longifolia x virginicum. narrow pikes of white flowers all summer. (6-8) 100cm £3.75
Veronica kiusiana Short spikes of soft-pink flws on upright stems, grey-green lvs. (6-7) 75cm. £3.75
Veronica longifolia 'Alba' Narrow, tapering spikes of pure-white flws. (7-8) 90cm. £3.25
Veronica longifolia 'Blaubundel' Spikes of intense gentian-blue flws, with white stamens. Glossy, dark-green lvs. (7-8) 60cm. £3.50
Veronica longifolia 'Blauer Sommer' Long, narrow spikes of bright-blue flws. (7-8) 90cm. £3.25
Veronica longifolia 'Blauriesen' Dense, erect spikes of bright, deep-blue flowers. Whorls of linear leaves. (7-8) 75cm £3.25
Veronica longifolia 'Blue John' £3.50
Veronica longifolia 'Joseph's Coat' Spikes of pale-blue flws. New shoots emerge pink, changing cream, green & gold.(7-8)75cm £3.50
Veronica longifolia 'Lilac Fantasy' Compact form, with narrow, upright spikes of soft lilac flowers flushed blue.(6-8) 50cm £3.50
Veronica longifolia 'Oxford Blue' Choice form, with narrow spikes of very dark, deep-blue flws. (5-7) 100cm. £3.50
Veronica longifolia 'Schneeriesin' Slender erct spikes of pure-white flws. Good vertical accent. (7-8) 80cm. £3.25
Veronica montana 'Corinne Tremaine' Trailing stems with ple-green leaves having a broad white edge. Rarely flowers. 10cm £3.25
Veronica orchidea May be  subspecies of spicata. Elegant spikes of mid-blue flowers. (6-9) 120cm. £3.50
Veronica ornata Shrubby, with silver hairy leaves on white stems. Deep violet blue flowers. (8-11) 60cm £3.75
Veronica orsiniana orsiniana MESE124 Dwarf perennial with short spikes of large china-blue flowers. Trailing g.c. (5-7) 30cm £3.50
Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue' Mat-former, with intense, deep-blue, white-eyed flws. Red flushed lvs. (3-10) 15cm. £3.25
Veronica 'Pink Damask' Long spikes of rich-pink flws on upright stems. longifolia x spicata. (7-8) 60cm. £3.50
Veronica prostrata 'Aztec Gold' £3.50
Veronica 'Shirley Blue' (AGM) Erect spikes of vivid-blue flws. Good mound former. (4-6) 40cm. £3.25
Veronica spicata Mat-former, with slender spikes of starry, bright-blue flws, with purple stamens. (5-7) 45cm. £3.25
Veronica spicata 'Alba' Slender spikes of white flws. Mounds of ashen-grey lvs. (5-7) 45cm. £3.25
Veronica spicata 'Glory' (royal candles) £3.75
Veronica spicata 'Heidekind' £3.50
Veronica spicata incana 'Silver Carpet' Short spikes of dark-blue flws. Evergreen carpets of silver-grey lvs. Dwarf g.c. (6-7) 20cm. £3.25
Veronica spicata 'Noah Wiliams' £3.75
Veronica spicata 'Romiley Purple' £3.50
Veronica spicata 'Rotfuchs' 'Red Fox'. Pyramidal spikes of dark, pink-red flws. Toothed, dark-green lvs. (5-7) 30cm. £3.50
Veronica 'Sunny Border Blue' Short spikes of deep, violet-blue flws, often repeating. USA perennial of the year. (5-6)60cm £3.50
Veronica 'Ulster Blue Dwarf' £3.25
Veronica 'White Jolanda' New European hybrid, with imposing spikes of pure-white flws. (5-6) 90cm. £3.50
Veronicastrum villosulum £6.00
Veronicastrum virginicum 'Album' Slender, tapering spires of white flws, on dark-bronze stems. Dusky lvs. (7-8) 140cm. £3.50
Veronicastrum virginicum 'Apollo' £3.50
Veronicastrum virginicum 'Fascination' Long, wispy spikes of deep-pink flws on branched stems. (7-8) 200cm. £3.50
Veronicastrum virginicum incarnatum £3.75
Veronicastrum virginicum incarnatum 'Pink Glow' Long, narrow, wispy spires of small pale-pink flws. (7-8) 150cm. £3.50
Veronicastrum virginicum 'Lavendelturm' Long, narrow, tapering spikes of pale-lavender flws. (7-8) 150cm. £3.75
Veronicastrum virginicum 'Spring Dew' £3.50
Veronicastrum virginicum 'Temptation' £3.50
Viguiera dentata £3.25
Viola 'Bella' Pale, grey-blue, dusky flws. Narrow, pointed lvs. Vigorous. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola biflora £3.00
Viola 'Buttercup' £2.75
Viola 'Bullion' Rather small, elegant, lemon-yellow flowers with a good scent. (5-8) 20cm £2.75
Viola 'Cleo' Medium sized cream flowers with a faint blue picotee. Slight scent. (5-7) 15cm. £2.75
Viola 'Coeur d'Alsace' Small, dark cherry-red, burgundy flushed flws, nestle amongst the lvs. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Columbine' White flws, with the veining picked out in mauve. Yellow eye. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Cornetto' Chalky-white flws in profusion. Vigorous carpets of dark-green lvs. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola cornuta 'Alba' Well scented white flowers nestle over mats of fresh evergreen leaves. (3-8) 10cm £2.75
Viola cornuta 'Paris White' Slightly scented, chalky-white flws. Dark-green lvs. (4-6) 20cm. £2.75
Viola cornuta 'Yellow King' Large, pansy sized creamy yellow flowers with ireggular blue streaks. (4-8) 15cm. £2.75
Viola 'Dancing Geisha' Rosettes of arrow shaped, deeply cleft leaves, splashed white. Scented white flws.(4-5) 25cm £3.25
Viola 'Ardross Gem' A lovely old cultivar, with dusky-gold & mid-blue flws. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola dubyana Large violet flws, with a spot on the lower petal. (6-7) 15cm. £2.75
Viola elatior Scrambling. Scented, pale lavender-blue flws. Heart-shaped lvs. Moist soil. (4-5) 60cm. £2.75
Viola 'Etain' Small cream pansies, narrowly picoteed powder-blue. Small orange eye. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Fiona' Long stems with white flowers, just suffused blue at the edges. Well scented.(5-7) 15cm £2.75
Viola 'Green Goddess' Difficult to describe, this has unusual yellow-green flowers, with a grey splash.(4-7) 10cm £3.25
Viola 'Grey Owl' Slatey-grey flws, with a lemon eye. Unusual. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola grypoceras exilis formerly koreana. Heart shaped Cyclamen like leaves mottled silver. Blue flws.(3-5)10cm £3.00
Viola 'Richard Staples' £2.75
Viola 'Icy but Spicy' Subtle, palest slatey, sky-blue flowers, with unusual black whisker's. (5-10) 15cm £2.75
Viola 'Ivory Queen' Large, highly scented cream flowers continuously all summer. (5-8) 10cm £2.75
Viola 'Jackanapes' (AGM) Old cultivar with the top two petals burgundy, the lower ones gold. Scented. (4-7) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Jeannie Bellew' Small, palest creamy-primrose flowers with the palest blue picotee. (5-8) 15cm. £2.75
Viola jooi Clusters of violet-pink fragrant flowers. Rosettes of triangular leaves. (5-6) 10cm. £3.25
Viola 'Julian' Palest inky blue, small flowers with a heady scent. Compact growth. (4-8) 10cm £2.75
Viola 'Jupiter' Pale, mid-mauve flws on long stems. (4-6) 15cm. £2.75
Viola 'Kitten' Small, well scented, slatey blue-grey flowers, often repeating all summer. (4-8) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Laura Cawthorne' Smll, pale lilac-pink flws, with darker veining at the eye. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Madame Armandine Pages' Pale-pink flws, with a crimson eye. Rounded petals. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Maggie Mott' (AGM) Small, intensely scented, silvery-mauve flws. Lovely old variety. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola mandschurica 'Fuji Dawn' Arrow shaped leaves irregularly mottled cream and pink. Deep-blue flws. (5-6) 20cm £3.25
Viola 'Marie Louise' Double parma violet. Small, wonderfully scented, double lilac-mauve flws. (3-5) 10cm £3.25
Viola 'Mars' Arrow shaped green leaves with a central black splash. Carmine-pink flws. (5-8) 15cm £2.75
Viola 'Martin' (AGM) Large, pure-purple flws, with a yellow eye, over a  long period. (4-7) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'May Mott' Palest silvery-blue upper petals with the lower one cream, edged blue. Scented.(5-8)10cm £3.00
Viola 'Mrs. Cotterell' £2.75
Viola 'Mrs.Lancaster' Large chalky white flowers with fine black veins around the yellow eye. (4-6) 15cm £2.75
Viola odorata Sweet Violet‘.Semi-evergreen. Sweetly scented, mid-blue flws. Heart-shaped lvs. (1-3)10cm. £2.75
Viola odorata 'Alba' Sweetly scented white flowers emerge with the pale-green leaves. (3-5) 20cm. £2.75
Viola odorata rosea Palest antique-pink, dusky flowers emerge with the heart shaped green leaves.(3-6)20cm £3.00
Viola 'Parme de Toulouse' Fully double, soft lilac blue, rose-like flws nestle amongst the leaves. (3-4) 15cm £2.75
Viola 'Peppered Palms' £3.00
Viola 'Rebecca' Delicate white flws, veined powder-blue. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viole 'Red Charm' Deep-red flws, with a purple flush. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola riviniana 'Ed's Variegated' Prostrate mats of heart-shaped green leaves splashed cream & white. (4-5) 5cm £3.50
Viola 'Roscastle Black' Dark-purple, almost black flws. Slightly sprawling habit. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola rupestris rosea CVlusters of fragrant, clear rose flowers with a white, amongst the leaves. (3-5) 10cm £3.00
Viola sororia Violet flws, with a white eye. Mounds of oval lvs. (4-6) 15cm. £2.75
Viola sororia 'Albiflora' (AGM) Clusters of white flws. Rounded, scallop-shaped lvs. (4-5) 10cm. £2.75
Viola sororia 'Dark Freckles' £3.00
Viola sororia 'Freckles' White flws, heavily freckled violet-purple. Ovate, pointed lvs. (4-6) 15cm. £2.75
Viola sororia 'Priceana' White flws, with an inky-blue central zone. (4-6) 15cm. £2.75
Viola 'Tiger Eyes' Rich, golden-amber flws with heavy black veining extending from the eye. (5-8) 10cm £3.25
Viola 'Tony Venison' Clusters of powder-blue flws. New growth is heavily flushed golden-yellow. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Ulla Lack' Rich violet-blue flowers on short stems. Flowers very early. (3-7) 10cm £2.75
Viola 'Victoria Cawthorne' Pure, purple-pink, starry flws, held well above the lvs. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Winona Cawthorne' Creamy-white flws, with the top petals suffused palest mauve. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Viola 'Wisley White' Free flowering hybrid with pure-white flowers with unusual gappy petals. (5-8) 15cm £2.75
Viola 'Zoe' Large, violet-blue flws, with a golden-yellow eye. (4-6) 10cm. £2.75
Waldsteinia geoides Clusters of yellow flws in leafy bracts. Carpets of dull, palmate lvs. (4-5) 30cm. £3.25
Waldsteinia ternata Sprays of bright yellow flws. Glossy, lobed, dark-green lvs. (4-6) 15cm. £3.25
Waldsteinia ternata 'Mozaick' £4.00
Watsonia aletroides Unbranched spikes of tubular, orange-red flws, with narrow mouths. (1-4) 60cm. £3.75
Watsonia angusta £3.75
Watsonia borbonica borbonica Spikes of flared, pink flws. Glossy lvs. (5-7) 120cm. £3.75
Watsonia fourcadei Dense, branched spikes of tubular, pink flws. (4-8) 150cm. £3.75
Watsonia humilis Slender species, with unbranched spikes of white flws, flushed pink. (3-5) 30cm. £3.75
Watsonia 'Ida Edwards' Unusual hybrid with bold spikes of white flowers having a peachy-orange centre.(5-6)90cm £4.25
Watsonia merianiae bulbillifera Branched spikes of tubular rose-red flowers with spreading lobes. (7-9) 90cm. £3.75
Watsonia 'Stanford Scarlet' Unbranched spikes of tubular, orange-scarlet flws, with widely flared mouths. (4-6) 90cm. £3.75
Watsonia versfeldii Attractive species, with large, purple-pink flws. (4-6) 90cm. £3.75
Watsonia wilmaniae Narrow, tubular creamy-white flowers in late summer. Broad, leathery leaves.(7-9)150cm £3.75
Wedelia texana £3.50
Wittsteinia vacciniacea Small, creeping evergreen sub-shrub with yellow green bells, veined red. Acid (4-5) 15cm. £4.00
Wulfenia x schwarzii Packed racemes of violet-blue flowers. Evergreen rosettes of crenated lvs. (6-7) 25cm £4.25
Xanthorrhiza simplicissma £4.25
Zaluzianskya ovata Evergreen. Crimson-backed, white flws, with deeply cleft petals. Sticky grey lvs. (6-8) 25cm £3.50
Zaluzianskya ovata 'Orange Eye' £3.75
Zantedeschia aethiopica (AGM) £3.50
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Childsiana' Dwarf form, with large white spathes & usually the hardiest. (4-6) 30cm. £3.75
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Crowborough' Large, pure-white spathes, with a cream spadix. Probably the hardiest. (4-7) 90cm. £3.75
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Green Goddess' (AGM) Large, almost entirely green spathes, with a small white throat. (4-6) 120cm. £3.75
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Mr.Martin' £3.75
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Pershore Fantasia' £3.75
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'White Gnome' £3.50
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'White Mischief' £3.50
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'White Pixie' £3.50
Zantedeschia aethiopica 'White Sail' £3.50
Zantedeschia 'Kiwi Blush' Surprisingly hardy hybrid, with white spathes, flushed candy-pink. (4-7) 90cm. £3.75
Zantedeschia 'Pink Mist' £3.75
Zauschneria californica Tubular, brilliant scarlet flws. linear, grey-green lvs. (7-8) 30cm. £3.50
Zauschneria californica 'Olbrich Silver' Bright scarlet flws. Felted, silvery-grey lvs, turn white in drought. (7-10) 30cm. £3.50
Zauschneria californica 'Western Hills' (AGM) Narrow, bright orange-red flws. Felted, hairy, grey-green lvs. (7-10) 30cm. £3.50
Zephyranthes candida Pure white flws. Very narrow lvs. (6-8) 15cm. £3.50
Zephyranthes citrina £3.50
Zephyranthes drummondii £3.50
Zephyranthes lindleyana £3.75
Zigadenus fremontii Robust. Creamy-white flws. Narrow, grey-green lvs. Difficult. (5-6) 70cm. £4.00
Zigadenus nuttallii Dense spikes of tiny, star-shaped, creamy-yellow flws. Dark-green lvs. (6-7) 45cm. £3.50
Zizia aptera £3.75
Zizia aurea (4-5) 75cm. £3.50

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