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Adiantum aleuticum 'Imbricatum'Dwarf Maidenhair Fern 1.4LtDeciduous gently creeping ferm, with wiry black stems carrying rounded kidney-shaped pale-green pinnate leaflets, which eventually mature green. New fronds are lightly tinged pink when young. Light, leafy retentive soil in part or full shade out of cold winds.25cm£6.956.00
Adiantum venustum (AGM) 1.4Lt(Evergreen Maidenhair Fern) Closely resembles the Maidenhair Fern with evergreen lacy, filigree fronds tinted brown when young then bluish tinged when mature. Creeping rootstock. Humus rich, moist soil in full or part shade. 20x30cms.£6.956.00
Asplenium adiantum-nigrumBlack Oak fern 1.4LtThis spleenwort has thick, triangular leaf blades up to 10 centimeters long which are divided into several subdivided segments borne on black frond stems. The undersides of each leaf segment have one or more sori arranged in chains. This fern needs a well drained soil in full or part shade. 30cms. Widespread across the world£6.756.00
Athyrium filix-femina (AGM)Lady Fern 1.4LtFresh green, divided small leaves create a lacy effect; quickly forms an attractive clump. Looks at its best in Spring. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. 60cm£7.257.00
Athyrium filix-femina 'Minutissimum' 1.4Lt(Lady Fern) A miniature, deciduous form of the Lady Fern. Masses of small crowns with fine, lacey, green fronds. Ideal for the front of the fern border. Prefers moist but will adapt to drier soils in part shade. 15x30cms.£6.956.00
Athyrium filix-femina 'Rotstiel'Lady Fern 1.4LtGraceful, light deciduous fern, with the pale yellow-green fronds delicately & lacily cut with fine pinnae. Forms a shuttlecock shape. A choice German selection. Moist, fertile, partly shaded site in anything except dry soil. 60cm.£6.956.00
Athyrium filix-femina rubellum 'Lady In Red' 1.4LtUpright, gently creeping, deciduous fern with delicate fronds held on striking red stalks. Each pinnae is delicate and finely lacey with the tips suffused grey. Found in the wild in New England. Retentive soil in part shade. 45cm.£5.703.00
Athyrium 'Ghost' (AGM) 1.4Ltniponicum pictum x filix-femina. This deciduous fern was found in a US garden & is one of the most beautiful & unusual. forms a regular shuttlecock shaped rosettes of finely cut, glaucous silver fronds with just the merest tinge of pink down the central vein. Excellent for pots. Retentive, humus rich soil in part or full shade. 100cm.£7.5010.00
Athyrium niponicum pictum (AGM)Japanese Painted Fern 1.4Lt(Athyrium niponicum metallicum) Small, clump forming deciduous fern, unique in having purple stalks and fronds of grey, blue & silver hues in a lovely blend. Deciduous. Any reasonable soil in shade. 60x45cm.£6.9522.00
Athyrium niponicum pictum (AGM)Japanese Painted Fern 2LtSmall, clump forming deciduous fern, unique in having purple stalks and fronds of grey, blue & silver hues in a lovely blend. Deciduous. Any reasonable soil in shade. 60x45cm.£7.951.00
Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Apple Court'Crested Japanese Painted Fern 1.4LtSelected at Apple Court Nursery, this deciduous form of the Japanese painted fern is a subtle blend of silver, purple & green. Distinct in that the tip & leaflets are lightly crested. Gently creeping deciduous fern for a retentive, humus rich soil in part shade. 40cm.£9.508.00
Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Burgundy Lace'Japanese Painted Fern 1.4LtAmazingly coloured deciduous fern with the finely cut fronds overlaid silver, with purple & pink suffusions. In autumn the whole frond is almost entirely a rich plum -purple with a silver suffusion down the centre. Cut back by frosts but hardy in a sheltered, retentive spot in dappled shade. Ht;- 45cm.£6.9511.00
Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Pearly White' 1.4LtFeathery fronds with light green edges and a white centre - almost a ghostly effect. Forms low mounds slowly spreading via rhizomes. For a moist, fertile soil in full or part shade. 40 x 40cms. Deciduous.£7.2511.00
Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Pewter Lace'Japanese Painted Fern 1.4LtStriking deciduous fern with deep red veins & stems. the from is essentially jade green, heavily flushed burgundy around the stalk, much more silver at the tips. Can be clipped by late frosts but always regenerates. Best in a retentive, humus rich soil with some shade. 45cm.£6.951.00
Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Red Beauty'Japanese Painted Fern 1.4LtHardy,deciduous fern with a striking red central vein, most noticeable on more mature plants. Either side is a silver zone, almost sage green at the tips. Can be nipped by the late frosts but always grows back. Retentive or moist, sheltered spot in part shade. 30cm.£6.9519.00
Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Ursula's Red'Japanese Painted Fern 1.4LtA showy form of this deciduous fern, with the new fronds emerging with a heavy silver & red overlay, held on red stems. medium sized fronds take on red autumnal colour. Sheltered spot as the new fronds can be scorched by late frosts. Retentive soil. 45cm.£6.958.00
Athyrium otophorum okanumSpleenwort 1.4LtDeciduous woodland fern with short erect fronds of thick texture. Slightly greyish leaves have a reddish midrib. Becomes very lush in a shaded moist site. 75x60cm.£6.9520.00
Athyrium vidalii 1.4LtA tall, elegant fern from the Far East forming a graceful shuttlecock shape. Delicate fronds with dark stems & veins. A very elegant deciduous fern for sheltered, well drained soil in part or full shade. 75cm.£7.255.00
Blechnum penna-marina alpinum 2LtSmall, semi evergreen creeping fern with short erectly held, pinnate dark green fronds, often copper tinted on the new growth. Gently creeping rootstock provides excellent ground cover for retentive soil in shade. 10cm.£7.951.00
Cyrtomium fortunei clivicolaJapanese Holly Fern 1.4LtUnusual evergreen of spreading habit. More or less evergreen, holly-like fronds on dark stems.Slightly more compact than the species. Needs a moist retentive soil in sun or shade & a mulch in hard winters. 45x45cm.£6.753.00
Dicksonia antarctica (AGM)Soft Tree Fern 3LtTree-like fern, evregreen in milder conditions, with heavily cut, long fronds (to 3m) radiating from an upright, thick mass of stem-like roots. Best given winter protection. Humus-rich, moist, ACID soil in dappled shade with high humidity.£22.506.00
Dryopteris affinis Crispa GroupCrested Golden Scale Fern 1LtViryually evergreen shuttlecock like fern with pinnate deeply divided wavy-edged leaves with scaly golden-brown midribs. moist, humus rich soil in part shade, but will tolerate sun. 60x60cm.£5.752.00
Dryopteris affinis cristata 'The King'Crested Wood fern 1LtA more robust form of the species. Semi-evergreen, with rosettes of erect to arching bipinnate fronds, handsomely crested at the tips of the fronds. The fertile fronds are held erect, the sterile ones are spreading. Needs plenty of moisture or wet, not too chalky soil in part shade. 1.2m - name subject to discussion!£6.253.00
Dryopteris affinis 'Pinderi'Golden Shield Fern 1LtVirtually evergreen fern producing a shuttlecock of fronds often remaining green throughout the winter The finely divided fronds are fresh yellow-green on emergence. Moist, humus-rich soil in partial shade but quite adaptable. 80cm.£5.752.00
Dryopteris championii 1.4LtRobust, easy to grow evergreen fern, initially found in Hong Kong but widespread over Asia. At it's best in spring when the new, thick textured fronds emerge a bright apple green. They have wide pinnae & are richly glossy dark green as they mature. One of the best for winter interest. Rich, retentive soil in part or full shade. 75cm.£6.952.00
Dryopteris cristataCrested Wood fern 1.4LtSemi-evergreen, with rosettes of gappy segmented, fresh-green pinnate leaves. The fertile fronds are held erect, the sterile ones are spreading. Needs plenty of moisture or wet, not too chalky soil in part shade. 45cm.£6.754.00
Dryopteris dilatata 'Crispa Whiteside' (AGM)Broad Buckler Fern 1LtMore or less evergreen clump former. Broad triangular fronds are pale green & heavily pinnate & crisp. Easily grown in a retentive soil in part or full shade. 60x60cm.£5.755.00
Dryopteris dilatata 'Lepidota Cristata'Broad Leaf Buckler Fern 1.4LtMore or less evergreen fern, forming a regular shuttlecock shape. Intricately, finely cut leaves are rather lacy, crisped & variably lightly crested. A delicate, almost see-through fern. Retentive soil in part or full shade. Selected from a British native form. 60cm.£6.752.00
Dryopteris filix-mas 'Barnesii'Male Fern 1LtSmall deciduous fern with narrow arching fronds with small pinnae, serrated along the margins, giving it a crisped look. Easily grown in any retentive soil in part or full shade. 90x45cm.£6.251.00
Dryopteris filix-mas 'Linearis Polydactyla'Linear Male Fern 1.4LtSemi- evergreen with long upright deeply cut almost lacy dark green fronds which become more prostrate with age. Seems more tolerant of drier sites than other Male ferns. 90x90cm.£6.754.00
Dryopteris formosanaFormosan wood fern 1.4LtA clump forming, evergreen fern with yellow-green new growth, darkening with age. Fronds are triangular-shaped and the two lowest pinnnae have elongated leaflets that point downwards.Moist but well drained soil in full or dappled shade. 40cms Hardiness H5 Taiwan. China & Japan.£9.951.00
Dryopteris lepidopodaSunset fern 1LtThis attractive Hiamlayan fern although hardy needs a very warm, sheltered spot as it's main problem it getting into growth too early in spring when it is often frosted. the new fronds are rich copper orange, becoming yellow & finally glossy green. Moist. 60cm.£5.751.00
Dryopteris marginalisBuckler Fern 1.4LtShowy, moisture loving fern, with erect, more or less evergreen fronds, with widely spaced, broad pinnae, emerging pale-green, quickly maturing to dark green. Retentive or very moist soil in part shade. 60cm.£6.955.00
Dryopteris sieboldiiBuckler Fern 1.4LtMore or less evergreen, gently spreading ground cover, forming mats of divided, finger like fronds with a thick, leathery texture. Unusual Japanese species, easily grown in retentive, soil in sun or shade. 45x60cm.£6.751.00
Gymnocarpium dryopteris 'Plumosum' (AGM)Oak Fern 1.4LtDeciduous fern with triangular, overlapping fronds which erupt from a creeping rootstock. liks to wander through damp humus rich soil in part shade. 20x60cm.£6.2511.00
Matteuccia orientalisOriental Fern 2LtTall erect fertile fronds emerge from the centre of the rosette, with the strerile fronds around the edge, long & arching. Very graceful fern for moist yet well drained soil in dappled shade. 60x60cm.£6.952.00
Onoclea sensibilis (AGM)Fern 1.4LtFully hardy, deciduous, creeping fern with handsome, arching, almost triangular fresh-green divided fronds. Often suffused pinkish-brown in spring & fading to yellow-brown in autumn. Remove old fronds regularly. Wet soil in sun or shade. 45cms.£6.956.00
Onoclea sensibilis copper-leavedSensitive Fern 2LtSpreading deciduous fern with erectly held, round lobed fronds. Most striking when in growth as the new fronds emerge a rich copper-orange. Rather tolerant of drier conditions when established. Best in part shade. 30cm.£10.302.00
Osmunda japonicaJapanese Royal Fern 2LtRevered & eaten in Japan, this bold, spreading deciduous fern has large, horizontally held pinnate fronds with long tapering leaflets. Erect fertile fronds are covered in rusty brown spores during late summer. Humus rich, retentive soil in part or full shade. 120cm.£8.252.00
Polypodium cambricum 'Oakleyae' 1.4LtLovely evergreen the deeply cut, slightly crisped and imbricated, over lappign bipinnate fronds giving a feathery look. Slowly creeping rhizomes for a cool, shaded site. 25cm Found in Wales by Mrs Oakley, 1868£6.955.00
Polystichum biaristatumUpright shield fern 1.4LtAn elegant medium size, evergreen fern the dark green, shiny, bristly fronds held at an angle. Tightly curled, shepherds crook like unfurling fronds. Moist conditions in full or part shade. Native Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan. 75cms.. £6.955.00
Polystichum brauniiBraun's Holly Fern 1.4LtNative of N.America & Eurasia. Glossy, deep-green leathery deciduous fronds have a silvery sheen when young. The separate pinnae are slightly overlapping. Needs a moist humus rich soil in part or full shade. 75x60cm.£6.754.00
Polystichum makinoi 1.4LtA very handsome evergreen fern the bi-pinnate, glossy, olive green leaves forming a slightly arching mound to 60cms. Asian native for a shady, cool position in a moisture retentive soil.£6.252.00
Polystichum munitum (AGM)Sword Fern 1.4LtShowy evergreen fern with narrow, lance shaped, leathery, pinnate, dark green fronds up to 90cms long, forming shuttlecocks. Fertile, humus rich, well drained soil in part or full shade. Remove dead fronds before new ones unfurl. 90x90cm.£6.9515.00
Polystichum neolobatum 2LtEvergreen mountain fern from Taiwan, Japan to Nepal. Rosettes of rather thick textured, leathery, glossy green fronds, held on a dark, scaly midrib. Always sought after fern for a retentive soil in part or full shade. 35cm.£8.951.00
Polystichum polyblepharum (AGM) 1.4LtA lovely more or less evergreen fern the arching, dark green, glossy fronds have a leathery texture & are distinctly cut. They are held on long haired stalks. Any reasonable soil but likes moisture. 90x45cm.£7.254.00
Polystichum rigensShield Fern 1.4LtForms open sprays of stiff, heavily cut, light moss-green semi-evergreen fronds bronzing slightly with age. Remove old fronds regularly. Moist yet drained humus-rich soil in semi-shade. 45cms.£6.9516.00
Polystichum setiferum Congestum GroupSoft Shield Fern 1.4LtA evergreen or semi-evergreen with lance shaped soft textured & much divided spreading fronds. As they unfurl they are clothed in white scales. The fronds are tightly congested in this form. Moist rich yet well drained soil in part shade. 45 x 45cm.£6.252.00
Polystichum setiferum Divisilobum Group 'Dahlem' 1.4Lt(Soft Shield Fern) Easy to grow evergreen with handsome, finely dissected, large bright green fronds with numerous plantlets along the frond. Very variable. Forms attractive, symmetrical rosettes. Moist soil in full or part shade. 80x45cms.£6.251.00
Polystichum setiferum Plumodivisilobum GroupSoft Shield Fern 1.4LtChoice evergreen with overlapping heavily pinnate fronds giving a light mossy effect. Shuttlecock like habit. Bristly midribs. Fertile humus rich well drained soil in part or full shade. 75x75cm.£5.954.00
Polystichum setiferum Plumosum GroupSoft Shield Fern 1.4LtEasily grown evergreen fern forming a regular shuttlecock shape. Long, elegant fronds with finely cut margins, slightly hairy on the reverses. An easy British fern for not too dry soil part or full shade. 90x90cm,£6.254.00
Polystichum setiferum 'Proliferum'Soft Shield Fern 1.4LtLow growing, spreading deciduous fern with very long, horizontally held, very finely cut fronds, held on rusty brown stems. Excellent ground cover for a retentive or moist soil in part or full shade. 30x90cm.£6.254.00
Polystichum setiferum 'Proliferum Wollaston'Wollastons Soft Shield 1.4LtNative. Long Narrow Evergreen Very Lacy Fronds With Bulbils Along The Rachis. Forms A Tidy Shuttlecock'. Fertile Humus Rich , well drained soil in part or full shade. 90x90cm.£6.251.00
Thelypteris palustrisMarsh Buckler Fern 2LtA dainty deciduous fern with lance-shaped pale green fronds with widely separated deep cut pinnae. Has a creeping, wiry, blackish rhizome. Excellent with it's feet almost in water. Part shade or shade in moist soil.£6.956.00
Woodsia obtusaBlunt lobed Woodsia 1.4LtA small, clump-forming, evergreen fern with lance-shaped, finely cut fronds hairy beneath. Requires a moist, free draining, humus-rich soil in sun or part shade. Native of North America. 30x30cm.£7.5015.00