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All home grown plants in peat free compost else reduced peat
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Ammophila arenariaEuropean Beach Grass 2LtA tall, strong growing, possibly invasive dune grass with a running rhizome & & erect stems having finely linear, rough, silvery-blue leaves. Erect stems carry closely set spikes of small silvery-white spikelets, during midsummer. Any soil in sun. 120x100cm. (7-8) £6.952.00
Ammophila arenariaEuropean Beach Grass9cm£0.009.00
Andropogon gerardii 'Red October'Bluestem, Turkey Foot. 1.4LtEvergreen, clump forming grass from the American prairies with arching blue-green leaves to 60cms tall gradually deepen to burgundy thenbursting into bright red & candy pink after the 1st frosts.; the stems which turn a lovely reddish copper in autumn & winterr topped with red seed heads look like a turkey foot. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. 160x60cm.£10.252.00
Anemanthele lessoniana (AGM)Pheasant Tail Grass9cmsyn. Stipa arundinacea. Lovely grass making dense clumps of long, narrow leaves of rich orange-brown darkening through autumn & winter. Clouds of tiny brown flowers on pink stems. Good in shade & dry soil. 100x60cms. Flowers: July-September£0.0012.00
Anemanthele lessoniana (AGM)Pheasant Tail Grass 2Lt£7.954.00
Aristidia sp. 1.4LtNot sure of the species of this attractive grass with lown, very fine, swirling leaves. Airy, arching bead like plumes of golden-yellow, ageing dark brownish black through summer to the frosts. Needs a sheltered spot in sun. (6-10) 120cm.£6.503.00
Aristidia sp.9cm£0.0012.00
Arundo donax versicolorGiant Reed 4LtFast Growing Perennial Grass' The Thick Stems Bearing Broad, floppy, creamy-white striped leaves. Spreads by underground rhizomes. Superb feature plant for retentive soil in a sunny position. Requires winter protection under cover. 2.5-3.0m.£12.952.00
Briza mediaQuaking/Ladies Hair Grass 1.4LtGrown Mainly For Its Locket-Like' Flower Heads Giving A Lovely Hazy Effect In The Border Trembling In The Slightest Breeze. Good For Drying. Perennial Form Spreading Via Underground Rhizomes. Any Reasonable Soil In Sun Or Part Shade. 45x30cms.£5.7510.00
Briza media 'Limouzi'Quaking/Ladies Hair Grass 1.4LtLarge, Locket-Like', purple-green heads giving a lovely hazy effect in the border trembling in the slightest breeze. Good for drying. Blue-green leaves. Perennial form. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. 45x30cms.£6.2512.00
Briza media 'RussellsVariegated Quaking Grass 1.4LtGently spreading evergreen with clumps of pastel-green & white variegated leaves. Airy sprays of silvery lockets on well branched stems quiver in the breeze;- summer. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. 60x60cm.£6.507.00
Calamagrostis brachytrichaReed Grass 1.4LtEasy evergreen with arching clumps of ribbon like mid green leaves. Feathery millet shaped purple pink flowers in autumn fade silver grey & become open & feathery. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. (8-1) 90cm.£6.7511.00
Calamagrostis epigejosWood Small Reed9cmRare British native, familiar in the Cheddar Gorge. Swirling mounds of very long, fresh green evergreen leaves. Erect 1ft spikes of narrow purplish-brown flowers turning silver grey with age;- August & September. Best in a moist woodland in shade. Ht to 1.5mtrs.£0.0043.00
Calamagrostis epigejosWood Small Reed 2Lt£7.9510.00
Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'England' 2LtAttractive form the rich green, long, glossy, linear leaves have vertical yellow stripe. Long wiry stems topped with airy plumes of creamy-pink 'flower' heads in late summer. Clump forming perennial for a fertile, retentive yet drained soil in sun or part shade. 110cm.£7.953.00
Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'England'9cm£7.9524.00
Carex atrataBlack Sedge 1.4LtGently running evergreen, with tufts of narrow, grey-blue leaves. Tubby spikes of purple-black flowers ageing to brown-yellow seeds. Needs damp soil in sun or shade. (7-8) 40cm.£4.952.00
Carex buchananii 'Viridis'Sedge 1.4LtA less upright form than the parent. Forms mounds of evergreen, thread-like, silver-green leaves. Short flowering spikes; July-August. Retentive soil in sun or part shade. Ht: 60cms.£4.956.00
Carex comans bronze leavedSedge 1.4LtA very attractive sedge from New Zealand forming dense, evergreen, distinctly rusty-bronze tussocks very wispy at the tips. Excellent contrast plant in moist or waterside sites. 45x45cm.£4.952.00
Carex comans bronze leavedSedge 3Lt£8.501.00
Carex flacca flaccaGlaucous Sedge 1.4LtLoose, evergreen clumps of narrow blue-green leaves with a steely reverse. Long purple-brown flower spikes followed by reddish-yellow seed. Flowers early summer. Forms tight clumps in pots. Retentive soil in sun or part shade. (5-6) 45cm.£5.952.00
Carex flagellifera 'Kiwi'New Zealand Sedge 1.4LtVigorous, strongly arching, cascading evergreen sedge with fine,s swirling, thread-like, fresh lime-green leaves. Looks superb spilling out of pots. Rather insignificant flowers add little. Retentive soil in sun or shade. 45x60cm.£5.252.00
Carex morrowii 'Irish Green'Japanese sedge 1.4LtSmall,,semi evergreen forming clumps of coarse, linear, leathery, mid to bright green leaves.Heads of inconspicuous flowers in late summer. Prefers a cool, moist, fertile soil in part shade. Ideal to give that Japanese feel to an area. 15cms.£5.7522.00
Carex oshimensis 'Evergold' (AGM)Sedge 1.4LtTough, eye-catching evergreen with grass-like leaves of bright gold with a narrow green margin. Makes a good focal point where it can enjoy dampish soil in sun or part shade. 25x30cms.£5.759.00
Carex oshimensis 'Evergreen'Japanese Sedge 1.4LtEvergreen tufts of arching, glossy strap like leaves emerging lime green, turning rich emerald green. Does not scorch in the sun but needs reasonable levels of moisture. insignificant brown flowers. Excellent in cool borders or containers. 40cms.£6.5014.00
Carex oshimensis 'Everillo'Japanese Sedge 2LtEvergreen tufts of arching, glossy strap like leaves, emerging lime green, turning rich burnished gold as the season progresses. Does not scorch in the sun but needs reasonable levels of moisture. insignificant brown flowers. A sport from 'Evergold'. 30cm.£9.601.00
Carex oshimensis 'Everlime'Japanese Sedge 1.4LtEvergreen tufts of gracefully arching, glossy strap like, rich green leaves subtly variegated limey green.. Does not scorch in the sun but needs reasonable levels of moisture - tolerates drier conditions in shade. Insignificant brown flowers. 40cms.£7.506.00
Carex paniceaSedge 1.4LtSmall, running, clump forming evergreen, with narrow, silver-blue tufts of upright leaves. The flowers add very little to the display. Retentive soil in sun or part shade. (5-7) 30cm.£4.951.00
Carex paniceaSedge9cm£0.0012.00
Carex 'Silver Sceptre'Sedge 2LtTuft-forming evergreen with grassy, dark green leaves regularly edged cream. Insignificant brownish flower spikes in late summer. Retentive soil in sun or part shade. 30x30cm.£6.951.00
Carex 'Silver Sceptre'Sedge9cm£0.0024.00
Carex testacea 'Prairie Fire'Sedge 1.4LtEvergreen, tidy, upright clump former with swirling mounds of fine, keeled, soft yellow-green leaves with coppery-bronze tips, the colour intensifying as autumn comes. Insignificant flowers. Ideal for pots. Retentive soil, coloirs best in sun. 60cm.£6.253.00
Carex 'The Beatles'Spring Sedge 1.4LtEvergreen tufted clumps of narrow-bladed, deep green leaves which fold back, looking much like a 1960's haircut (male). Spikes of light, airy, buff-green flower spikes in summer & autumn. Any reasonably moist soil in sun or part shade. 75x60cm.£5.255.00
Chasmanthium latifoliumSea Oats 1.4LtA very attractive evergreen, upright grass with wide-bladed leaves of a golden-green. Delicate panicles of flattened, overlapping spikelets. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. 60x45cm.£5.753.00
Chasmanthium latifoliumSea Oats9cm£0.0012.00
Chasmanthium latifolium 'River Mist'Spangled Oat Grass 1.4LtClumps of deciduous, rather bamboo like ribbon leaves heavily variegated creamy-white, flushed pink on the new growth. Dangling, copper, oat like heads of flowers from midsummer into autumn. Excellent for cutting. Tolerant of most soils but prefers moisture in dappled shade. (7-9) 80cm.£7.5013.00
Chasmanthium latifolium 'River Mist'Spangled Oat Grass9cm£7.5021.00
Chionochloa conspicuaHunangamoho Grass9cmLarge tussocks of rough, tawny-green leaves, rather drooping & with orange midribs. pale-greenish-yellow, nodding plumes ageing fluffy brown. Needs a sheltered site with good drainage. (7-8) 180cm.£0.0024.00
Chionochloa rubraTussock Grass 2LtCoarse, erect, evergreen, tussock-forming grass with narrow, golden-red tinted leaves. Large airy sprays of drooping panicles of bead-like flowers; mid to late summer. Excellent for drying. Retentive yet well drained fertile soil. 120x60cm.£9.954.00
Chrysopogon gryllusFrench Whisker9cmRather erect, clump forming, semi-evergreen grass with narrow bladed, mid-green leaves. tall stems carry fine, finger like, scarlet-purple flowers, well clear of the leaves, from August to October. Leaves turn golden-orange too. Retentive soil in sun or part shade. (8-10) 100cm.£0.0024.00
Cortaderia selloana 'Pink Feather'Pampas Grass 3LtBig, bold, semi-evergreen grass giving large, airy, feathery plumes of soft, silver-pink flowers on stout, bamboo like stems in late summer & autumn. Broad, rough, ribbon like leaves. Prune hard each year to regenerate new growth. Any soil in sun/£8.505.00
Cynodon aethiopicus9cmUnusual grass collected at altitude in East Africa. Fans of more or less evergreen grey lvs in upright fans. Unusual heads of mosquito-like brown flws held horizontally late in summer. Needs a warm, sheltered well drained soil in full sun. (9-10) 40cm.£0.007.00
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Bronzeschleier'Tufted Hair Grass 1.4Lt(syn D.C.Bronze Veil') Dense Clumps Of Stiffish, evergreen leaves topped with superb silvery panicles turning a glistening bronze; June & July. These make interesting winter seed heads if not cut back. Any reasonable soil, except chalky, in sun. 120cms.£5.7517.00
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldschleier'Tufted Hair Grass 1.4Lt(Tufted Hair Grass) A beautiful native grass forming a dense tussock of narrow arching leaves. Foliage turns yellow in winter. Straw-yellow flowers. Any reasonable soil/site. 120x60cms.£5.754.00
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau'Tufted Hair Grass 1.4LtDense, tussock forming grass, with clumps of fine needle-like, linear lvs. Airy, arching silvery reddish-brown spikelets ageing golden-yellow. More compact than the species. Any reasonable soil in sun or shade. (6-8) 75cm.£5.759.00
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Schottland'Hair Grass 1.4LtErect evergreen with stems topped by initially arching spikes of bead like, rich purple-bronze flowers, exploding as the flowers age ;- mid to late summer. They age golden-buff. Rather insignificant tufts of green leaves. Easy in retentive,w ell drained soil in sun or part shade. (6-8) 150cm.£5.751.00
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Tardiflora'Tufted Hair Grass 1.4LtA later flowering selection from Karl Foerster with huge, airy plumes of tiny bead like silver-purple flowers continuously through midsummer into autumn. Rather insignificant tufts of fine leaves. Retentive, well drained soil in sun or light shade. (7-9) 90cm.£6.255.00
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Waldschat'Tufted Hair Grass 1.4LtVery showy German hybrid with more or less erect stems with sprays of bead like silky bronze-black flowers in airy heads through summer, straw coloured into autumn. Tufts of narrow, evergreen leaves. Retentive,w ell drained soil in sun or part shade. (6-9) 120cm.£5.752.00
Deschampsia 'Silver Mist'9cmA strong, robust evergreen forming clumps of rich green.narrow leaves. Long, wafting stems topped with a long lasting display of magnificent airy, dense, silvery flower spikes - like early morning mist; June-Sept. Reasonably drained soil in sun or part shade. 90cms. Introduced by Alan Bloom, 2020£7.9519.00
Eragrostis elliottiiLove Grass 2LtRarely seen species from S.E USA with evergreen mounds of very fine, swirling, blue-green leaves. Arching, airy plumes with bead like, tan flowers becoming black with age;- summer. Needs a very warm, sheltered spot in sun. (6-8) 90cm.£6.952.00
Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'Blue Fescue 2LtProbably the brightest & best of the small blue grasses. Rounded evergreen tufts of narrow needle-like leaves topped by panicles of silver-green flower heads; May & June. Well drained soil in sun. 30x30cm.£7.952.00
Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'Blue Fescue9cm£7.5016.00
Festuca maireiAtlas Fescue 1.4LtOne the taller Fescues from the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Swirling mounds of thread like grey-green leaves. Airy, open plumes of silver buff flowers through summer. never prune, only de-thatch. Light, free draining soil in sun. 90cm.£6.2512.00
Glyceria maxima variegata 2LtA lovely grass with smooth leaves neatly striped creamy yellow. Young shoots are flushed deep pink. Greenish pink flowers. Moist soil in sun. 120x60cm.£8.254.00
Hakonechloa macra 1.4LtDelicate grass looking more like a bamboo. Arching stems with horizontally held, broad, fresh green lvs. The small brown flws in autumn are insignificant. Good in pots. Retentive well drained soil in sun or part shade. (8-10) 45cm.£7.251.00
Hakonechloa macra 2Lt£8.252.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Alboaurea' (AGM)Japanese Grass 1.4LtA wonderful feature grass making a flowing drift of arching, green & buff variegated, soft leaves ageing to bronze-tinged. Also very effective in containers when its flowing nature can be seen to advantage. Humus-rich soil in sun or part shade. Slow. 40cms.£6.751.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Alboaurea' (AGM)Japanese Grass 2Lt£8.255.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Albostriata' 1.4LtForms low mounds of cascading layers of wafting, narrow green leaves striped creamy-white. A beautiful, graceful ornamental grass preferring a shady site in a retentive soil. Makes an excellent feature plant for containers or grouped in borders. 30x45cm£6.951.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Albostriata'9cm£6.956.00
Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'Floral Grass 1.4Ltsyn. 'Ogon'. Found in Suzuki En nursery in Kowaguchi, Japan, this grass forms clumps of arching, bamboo like, burnished gold leaves. It is a little more upright than the species. Good autumn colour. Small, insignificant flowers. Retentive soil in sun or pt.shade. 30cm.£6.951.00
Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'Floral Grass9cm£0.0024.00
Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'Floral Grass 2Lt£8.953.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' (AGM)Wind Grass 1.4LtNot seen as often as it's golden counterpart, this delicate almost bamboo like grass has light green leaves narrowly striped cream. Slowly creeps to form dense clumps. Excellent in pots but hates root disturbance. Humus-rich soil with some shade. 30x30cm£6.952.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Beni-kaze' 1.4LtSmall, deciduous clump forming grass reminiscent of a small bamboo. Arching stems with thin blades, turning red at the tips during late summer, becoming more extensive in autumn with orange & red colours also. Insignificant flowers. Retentive soil in sun or shade. (7-8) 40cm.£6.9511.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Naomi' 1.4LtArching deciduous grass with the ribbon like leaves on bamboo stems heavily variegated creamy-yellow. Showy in autumn when it turns rich magenta. Insignificant flowers. Retentive, well drained soil in sun or part shade. 35cm.£7.505.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Naomi'9cm£0.0012.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Nicolas' 1.4LtTaller form , grown chiefly for it's spectacular autumn colour when it turns flame orange & red. Arching, bamboo like stems with strap like glossy green leaves. Retentive, well drained soil in sun or part shade. 50cm.£7.951.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Stripe it Rich'Japanese Forest Grass9cmA seedling from a batch of 'All Gold', this deciduous clump former has bamboo like leaves of soft gold, each with a central white vein. Foliage turns rich copper in autumn. rather insignificant brown flowers add little. Good in pots. Best in a retentive soil in sun or shade. 40cm.£0.0012.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Sun Flare'Japanese Forest Grass9cmForms flowing mounds of soft, long, linear, vibrant chartreuse leaves which rapidly turn a golden yellow flecked with random deep crimson highlights in sun. Rich bronze red autumn colour. Deciduous grass for a fertile, reasonably drained soil in sun or shade. Lovely in containers or border. To: 25 x 25cms.£0.0024.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Sun Flare'Japanese Forest Grass 1.4Lt£6.954.00
Hakonechloa macra 'Sunny Delight' 1.4LtA deciduous perennial grass forming a compact mound of arching stems bearing elegant, green & yellow variegated leaves. Makes an excellent container or border plant. Needs a retentive yet drained, fertile soil. Best in part shade. 30cms£8.9513.00
Helictotrichon sempervirens (AGM)9cm(syn.Avena sempervirens) Dense clumps of narrow, erect, brilliant blue-grey leaves & slender, waving stems of grey feathery plumes; July. Effective, non-invase ornamental grass for reasonably drained soil in sun. 120x45cms£0.0022.00
Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra'Japanese Blood Grass 1.4LtSlow spreading grass forming loose clumps of broad mid-green leaves which turn blood-red from the tips to the base. Narrow, fluffy, silvery-white panicles in late summer. Rich, moist yet well drained soil in sun or part shade. Will need mulching when young. 45cm.£5.753.00
Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra'Japanese Blood Grass9cm£5.757.00
Koeleria glauca 1.4LtA lovely low growing grass with dense tufts of soft silver-blue leaves. Short, dense flower spikes on upright stems. Any reasonable soil in sun. 30x30cms.£4.504.00
Lamprothyrsus hieronymii CDPR30969cmWild collected grass collected in Chile by Compton, D'Arcy & Rix. Much like a dwarf Pampas grass with arching evergreen clumps of ribbon like, fresh green leaves. Large, arching, fat plumes of silvery white wands from April-June & August-December. Hardy in a sheltered spot in sun. 1.5x2.0mtrs.£0.008.00
Luzula sylvaticaGreat Wood Rush 1.4LtA robust, evergreen woodrush, excellent for even the driest of shady spots. Evergreen rosettes of broad, thick textured, smooth, soft-green leaves. Insignificant spikes of brown flowers. Any soil in sun or shade, virtually bombproof. (6-7) 30x45cm.£5.757.00
Melica altissima 'Atropurpurea'Siberian Melic 1.4LtA lovely foil plant for a mixed border. Clumps of short, soft leaves & long flower spikes of deep purple tassles, all falling to one side; they turn a beautiful pink when dried. Any reasonable soil in sun. 80x45cm.£5.9512.00
Melica altissima 'Atropurpurea'Siberian Melic9cm£0.0012.00
Miscanthus 'Purpurascens'Eulalia 2LtCompact species, one of the best for autumn colour with the ribbon like leaves turning a wondeful flame, orange & red in autumn. The rusty pink flowers age silver in autumn. Colours best in full sun. For a retentive soil. (8-10) 120cm.£8.504.00
Miscanthus sacchariflorusEulalia 2LtMuch like a giant bamboo on a grand scale. Large, spreading, but not invasive clumps the long leaves rustling in the wind. Good for hedging & screening. Rarely flowers in cultivation. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. 270x90cm. (9x3ft)£8.503.00
Miscanthus sinensis 'Brazil'Eulalia 2LtA more compact form. A graceful, upright and bushy architectural grass the long stems lined with slender, green grass blades which turn red in autumn. Terminal feathery heads of red flower plumes in the summer The 'dead' stems make an attractive winter feature. Cut back hard in late winter. Free draining yet retentive fertile soil in sun or part shade. 1.2m£10.956.00
Miscanthus sinensis 'China'Eulalia 2LtOne of the most spectacular in flower. Large arching plumes of bright metallic-red flowers; autumn. Upright stems with narrow leaves with a silver stripe. Retentive, well drained soil in sun or part shade. 150x90cm.£8.501.00
Miscanthus sinensis 'Red Chief'Eulalia 2LtTidily upright, deciduous grass with very fine leaves, having a central silver stripe. Arching plumes of silver buds open to rich rusty red flowers during September to November. Do not prune until spring as it has a excellent winter framework. Retentive soil in sun or part shade. (8-10) 160cm.£9.252.00
Molinia caerulea arundinacea 'Black Arrows'Moor Grass 1.4LtVery tall, deciduous grass with airy, bead like, almost black plumes held on wispy dark stems during late summer & autumn.. Clumps of soft, grassy foliage. Prune hard in spring. Best in a retentive, well drained soil in sun or part shade. 160cm.£5.7510.00
Molinia caerulea arundinacea 'Karl Foerster'Purple Moor Grass 1.4LtTufted clump-former with long, narrow, mid-green leaves, purple at the base. Long, open spikelets of purple flowers on arching stems; spring to autumn. Retentive, well drained soil in sun or part shade. 150x60cms.£5.5013.00
Molinia caerulea arundinacea 'Windspiel'Purple Moor Grass 1.4LtA wonderful large grass for autumn colour. Tall, upright clumps of thin leaves taking on a rich honey-yellow hue. Small, lacy flower heads persist into winter. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. 180x90cm.£5.958.00
Molinia caerulea caerulea 'Heidebraut'Moor Grass9cmHeather Bride'. Clumps Of Narrow, erect light-green lvs. Slender pale-purple flower plumes become polished yellow seed heads all held on yellow stems. Foliage takes n good autumnal colour. Retentive well drained soil in sun or part shade. (7-9) 120£4.7512.00
Molinia caerulea caerulea 'Moorhexe'Purple Moor Grass 1.4LtA selected dwarf form of our native species. It is highly tolerant of almost any conditions except extreme drought. Clumps of narrow bluish foliage are topped by wide-branching deep purple-black sprays. 45x30cm.£5.505.00
Molinia caerulea caerulea 'Poul Petersen'Moor Grass 1.4LtNamed for the well known Danish nurseryman. Deciduous, fine needled grass is bright-green, turning gold in winter. Erectly held, small, open airy plumes of purple flowers during late summer. Retentive soil in sun or part shade. (7-9) 70cm.£0.0012.00
Muhlenbergia capillarisHairawn Muhly9cmIn autumn, this unique grass creates a spectacular, billowy inflorescence of frothy, vibrant pink, airy flowers on 4-foot stems. This creates an airy haze over the rather uninteresting leaves. Likes a light, rather poor soil in sun. (7-9) 120cm.£0.0019.00
Panicum bulbosum 1.4LtLess well known than P. virgatum this prairie grass has the advantage of flowering some 2 months earlier. Bulbous roots give rise to clumps of greyish foliage. Long stems topped with sprays of red tinted flowers in mid summer. Reasonably tolerant but prefers a free draining soil in sun. Central & southern North America.£5.755.00
Panicum bulbosum9cm£0.0019.00
Panicum virgatum 'Dallas Blues'Switch Grass 2LtA tall form, found in Dallas & introduced in 1990. Stout, chalky blue stems & ribbon like, chalky blue leaves, with the tips nodding. Spectacular golden-orange autumn colour. Bead like, airy pastel-mauve flowers in autumn. Best in retentive soil in sun. (8-10) 150cm.£7.552.00
Panicum virgatum 'Hanse Herms'Switch Grass 2LtA good choice for autumnal colour. Arching lvs with a strong purple-brown colour in late summer & yellow in autumn. Reddish-purple flower plumes on upright stems late in the season. Retentive soil in sun. (9-10) 150cm.£8.252.00
Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal'Switch grass 1.4LtClumps of upright, arching lvs with a steely-grey hue & slightly hairy. In autumn they take on a wonderful golden-yellow hue. Airy, open panicles of small, bead-like biscuit coloured flws, persisting through winter. Ordinary soil in sun or shade. 90cm.£5.756.00
Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal'Switch grass9cm£6.7518.00
Panicum virgatum 'Heiliger Hahn'Switch Grass 1.4LtShorter form of switch grass with tidy, upright clumps of narrow, blue-green leaves with burgundy speckling, becoming more extensive in autumn. Loose, open plumes of tiny rosy-buff flowers in autumn. Retentive soil in sun or pt/sh. (8-10) 80cm.£5.7514.00
Panicum virgatum 'Hot Rod'Switch grass 2LtForms clumps of softly arching, lustrous, blue-green leaves with dark red tones the colour intensifying with age to dark wine red - earlier than most other varieties, Plumes of reddish purple flower heads in autumn. Reasonably drained, fertile soil in sun. 90x60cms. £7.5012.00
Panicum virgatum 'Nican'9cm£0.008.00
Panicum virgatum 'Northwind'Switch Grass 1.4LtSelected in Wisconsin, this bolt upright perennial has tight clumps of grey-green leaves with a steely caste, turning butter yellow in autumn. Airy, bead like plumes of silver flowers ageing burnished gold in autumn. Well drained soil in sun.(8-11)120cm.£5.959.00
Panicum virgatum 'Northwind'Switch Grass 2Lt£7.9512.00
Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky'Switch Grass 1.4LtLike A Tall Form Of Heavy Metal', with the leaves covered in a silver-blue bloom, especially on emergence in spring. Airy, amber-brown spikelets, ageing straw. Found by a Wisconsin railroad. Good autumnal color. Well drained soil in sun. (8-10) 180cm.£5.7510.00
Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky'Switch Grass9cm£4.9524.00
Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky'Switch Grass 2LtLike A Tall Form Of Heavy Metal', with the leaves covered in a silver-blue bloom, especially on emergence in spring. Airy, amber-brown spikelets, ageing straw. Found by a Wisconsin railroad. Good autumnal color. Well drained soil in sun. 180cm.£8.254.00
Panicum virgatum 'Rotstrahlbusch'Switch Grass9cmAttractive German hybrid forming elegant clumps of erect stems; the broad leaves become bronze-brown at the top. Airy, feathery panicles of small bead-like flowers on much branched stems all summer through winter. Ordinary soil in sun/ 90x45cm.£4.9512.00
Panicum virgatum 'Rubrum'Crab Grass 2LtNarrowly upright, deciduous grass with linear, flat leaves turning a wonderful bright to purple hue in autumn. Airy spikes of small burgundy red beads persist well into winter, looking lovely covered in frost. Retentive, well drained soil in sun or part shade. 100cm£8.251.00
Panicum virgatum 'Shaggy'Switch Grass9cmThis is a switch grass for which i can find no information whatsover. Will be a deciduous grass for a retentive, well drained soil in sun or part shade. (8-10) 90x45cm.£6.3512.00
Panicum virgatum 'Warrior'Switch Grass9cmLarge heads of airy purple-flushed flws in open panicles. Green lvs turn reddish-brown in autumn. Retentive well drained soil in sun or part shade. (7-9) 120cm.£4.9519.00
Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln'Swamp Foxtail Grass 1.4LtForms clumps of stiff, bright green leaves arching to form elegant clumps; September to November. Takes on yellow & orange tints in Autumn. Hairy brown bottlebrushes on short stems. Ordinary soil in sun or part shade. 60x45cms.£5.7517.00
Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hameln'Swamp Foxtail Grass 2Lt£8.253.00
Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Little Bunny'Fountain Grass 1.4LtA dwarf selection for the front of the border forming a dense tuft of deciduous narrow green lvs. Bottlebrush-like spikes of bristly yellow-green flws ageing purple-brown. Flws late summer & autumn. Light, well drained soil in sun. (8-10) 30cm.£5.958.00
Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Moudry'Foxtail Grass 1.4LtDistinct species with very long, erect, bottlebrush like flowers emerging brown, becoming burnished black with age. The flowers emerge from the crown of ribbon like leaves with the yellow autumn colour. Sheltered, well drained spot in sun. 90cm.£5.953.00
Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Moudry'Foxtail Grass9cm£0.0012.00
Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Red Head'Fountain Grass 1.4LtArching clumps of ribbon like, yellow-green leaves taking on fiery orange & red autumn colours. One of the first to flower in early autumn with impressive spikes fat, silvery-pink bottlebrushes over a long period. late into growth in spring & needs to be cut back hard. Sheltered, well drained spot in sun. 90cm.£6.502.00
Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Weserbergland'Fountain Grass 2LtDensely tufted, evergreen grass with deep green leaves. Wiry stems topped with large, bristly, bottle-brush flowers; late summer into autumn. A newer German selection of compact habit. Prefers a fertile, light, well drained soil in sun. Ht: 45cms.£8.252.00
Pennisetum orientale (AGM)Fountain Grass 1.4LtAlthough only marginally hardy this beautiful grass is worth the effort! Clumps of narrow blue-grey leaves & covered in fluffy pink flower spikes, looking like giant caterpillars, from June to September. Protect in winter. Well drained soil in sun. 60x60cm.£5.954.00
Pennisetum orientale 'Flamingo'Fountain Grass 2LtSimilar to but flowering a tad later than 'Karley Rose'. Multiple stems topped with long, arching soft pink-grey, fluffy bottlebrushes which age deep rose-pink;- midsummer into autumn. Clump forming perennial with tufts of long linear leaves.Warm, sheltered spot in sun. 90cms£8.251.00
Pennisetum thunbergii 'Red Buttons'Foxtail Grass 2LtA very spectacular Fountain Grass with abundant foxtail like rusty red flowers, ageing buff held on wiry stems above the leaves;- late summer & autumn. Erect clumps of rough rolled leaves, turning yellow in autumn. Needs a warm, sheltered, well drained spot in sun. 100cm.£7.507.00
Poa alpinaAlpine meadow grass 1.4LtSmall, sparsely tufted grass highly adapted for survival in rocky crevices etc. Narrow, evergreen leaves. Pyramidal, bronze flower heads adapted to sometimes producing young plants on the spikelets. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. 40cms.£5.959.00
Poa chaixii 1.4LtClump-forming grass making dense tufts of broad, flat, reed-like, glossy, rich green leaves to 45cms long. Strong, upright stems with pale green flower heads (25cms long) held well above the foliage. Reasonably drained soil in sun/part shade. 90x45cms.£6.2511.00
Schizachyrium scoparium 'Cairo'9cmA spectacular autumn flowering grass, with erect, deciduous clumps of fine, blue-green leaves, turning brilliant orange, purple, red & gold during autumn. Erect, open spikes of matching flowers are held during mid to late autumn. Prune hard in spring, Retentive soil, colouring best in sun. (9-11) 75x45cm.£0.0012.00
Scirpioides holoschoenusSedge 1.4LtArching, thin bladed, perennial sedge with fine, swirling fresh green leaves. Small, rounded, cockscomb like flowers similar to those of Carex heg the stems in late summer. Any reasonable soil, especially retentive in sun or part shade. 60cm.£5.754.00
Sesleria caeruleaBlue Moor Grass 2LtVigorous, tufted, mound-forming evegreen with round tipped, linear, pale blue-grey leaves; glosyy dark green on the underside. Greenish white spikelets from mid spring to early summer. Well drained soil in sun or part shade.£8.502.00
Sesleria caerulea 'Malvern Mop'Blue Moor Grass9cmSmall, evergreen clumps of blue-silver blunt tipped leaves. Small blue-silver flws quickly turn to small plantlets (viviparous) looking like small tassels. Flowers early summer. Retentive soil in sun. (6-8) 30cm.£4.3510.00
Sesleria sadlerianaMoor Grass 1.4LtA tight, vigorous, clump-forming, evergreen grass. Stiff blades of rich green with metallic-silver undersides & an overall sheen. Attractive, long blue-green flower spikes; May to July. Any ordinary soil in sun or part shade. 60x60cm.£6.258.00
Sesleria sadlerianaMoor Grass9cm£6.2511.00
Sporobolus heterolepisDropseed, Rush Grass 1.4LtA dense, tufted, upright grass with very fine mid-green leaves. Long grey-green stems with pyramidal ascending branches tipped with dark green flower spikelets. Said to smell of popcorn & coriander? Good autumnal colour. Well drained soil in sun. 60x45cm.£5.953.00
Stipa capillataNeedle Grass 1.4LtLarge tufts of light green leaves form a feathery clump. Large, shimmering masses of golden, long-awned flowers; June & July through autumn. Cut back hard in late winter to reveal the beautiful new growth. 90x60cm.£5.758.00
Stipa capillataNeedle Grass9cm£5.7524.00
Stipa gigantea (AGM)Giant Oat Grass 2LtA majestic grass forming a dense bluish mound of leaves. Everlasting heads open purple & turn oat gold & persist for up to 3 years. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. 180x90.£8.251.00
Stipa gigantea (AGM)Giant Oat Grass9cm£7.955.00
Stipa gigantea 'Pixie' 2LtA dwarfer form of this popular grass with plumes only to 1.2mtrs as opposed to 1.8mtrs. Tufts of fine, needle like leaves re rather insignificant. tall, arching golden stems with airy plumes of creamy-buff flowers through summer, often remaining on the plant most of the year. Well drained soil in sun. (6-10) 120cm.£8.505.00
Stipa pseudoichu RCB/Arg Y-1Feather Grass9cmcoll;- Humahuaca, Jujuy Province, Argentine. Swirling, fine textured evergreen with very fine, needle like freshest green leaves. Swirling heads of silvery plumes from June to October. Free draining soil in sun. (6-10) 100cm.£0.005.00
Stipa tenuissimaNeedle Grass 1.4LtA delicate evergreen grass with very fine, bright green leaves. Wispy, feathery panicles of creamy-buff flowers; May to July. Best cut back hard in late winter. Ordinary well drained soil in sun or part shade. 75x45cm.£6.7512.00