our policy

the environment, sourcing plants & customer service

Chemical sprays

No chemical insecticides have been used in the nursery over several recent years. We are finding that as a result 'nature' is solving it's own problems and we have an abundance of  bees & butterflies as well as predators. When we do need action then biological control eg nematodes are used. Only in extreme cases do we use any fungicide and these are plant based and non systemic. The majority of necessary weeding is done the 'old fashioned way' - a sturdy hoe !

Compost & pots

All home grown & re-potted plants are in peat free compost. Our 'finished' plants are all sourced from UK growers most of whom are using either peat free or peat reduced compost, We are now using beige coloured pots (when available), These are re-cyclable with most local authorities. We welcome their return to the nursery for re-use, .

We pride ourselves on the quality of our plants. Our motto ‘we would not sell you a plant if we would not buy it ourselves ~ a happy plant = a happy customer!’ Some of our plants are a challenge to grow and there are times when we may advise you to make another choice. If a plant looks unhappy or fails we will replace if necessary BUT PLEASE do ensure your plant has the growing conditions and aftercare it requires!