the potting shed

Peat free & other composts, manure, grit, tree stakes

Melcourt Peat Free Compost 50lt

A blend of UK sourced composted bark chipping & coir. The compost we currently use for our potting.

Melcourt Peat Free + John Innes 50lt

Blended composted UK sourced bark chipping, coir, loam & sand. More body & ideal for larger containers

John Innes No 3 Compost

A blend of loam, peat and sand - plenty of body & ideal for containers

Erin Peat Reduced Compost 50lt

Good general purpose compost - sphagnum moss & composted organic material blend

Erin Multipurpose Compost 70lt

NOW 30% peat reduced Blended quality sphagnum moss peat based compost

Erin Ericaceous Reduced Peat Compost 50lt

Low pH blended peat and composted organic materials suitable for lime hating plants

Pine tree stakes

Turned and pointed tree stakes in 4 & 5ft lengths

Horticultural Grade Sharp Sand 25kg

Horticultural Grade Coarse Grit 25kg

Melcourt 'Farmyard' 50lt

A rich source of organic matter and soil improver

Melcourt Composted Fine Bark 50lt

Organic matter-rich soil conditioner and fine bark mulch