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Rosa banksiae 'Lutescens'Rambler 4LtChoice large evergreen / semi evergreen rambler with clusters of beautifully fragrant, single, yellow blooms (to 2.5cm across); late spring. Long, thornless stems - abundance of pale green leaflets. Light prune only. Needs a favoured, warm, sunny position in reasonably drained, fertile soil. 7m+. Intyroduced before 1870.£16.756.00
Rosa filipes 'Kiftsgate' (AGM)Rambler 4LtRampant climber massed with sprays of fragrant, single, creamy-white flowers. Ht:25ft. Ideal over sheds, into trees etc. Any aspect. Midsummer flowering.£16.953.00
Rosa rugosa 'Alba' (AGM)Rugosa 4LtSuperb shrub rose bearing large, single, pure white, scented, silky blooms followed by very large orange-red hips. Abundance of tough, disease resistant foliage. Shade tolerant. 1.8x1.8m. Continuous flowering.£15.501.00
Rose 'American Pillar'Rambler 4Lt(Rambler) Abundant clusters of single, bright pink flowers with a white eye. Robust, vigorous grower with good foliage. 5x3m. Mid-summer.£16.953.00
Rose 'Bantry Bay'Climbing 4Lt(Climber) Clusters of semi-double, pale rose-pink shapely blooms; repeat. Healthy, leathery foliage. Ht.8-10ft. Ideal pillars, walls or fences. Little pruning required. Remove dead, wood as necessary£16.953.00
Rose 'Bobbie James' (AGM)Rambler 4Lt(Rambler) A vigorous multiflora rambler bearing huge sprays of small, semi-double, creamy-white scented flowers, midsummer. Shade tolerant. Ideal for growing into trees, hedges or large walls. 10.0x6.0m (30'x20')£16.953.00
Rose 'Bonica' (AGM)Shrub 4Lt(Shrub) Abundance of semi-double, pale rose-pink blooms from June till October; orange-red hips. Semi-arching stems with mid green foliage; good disease resistance. Superb rose for borders or mass planting. 1.0x1.0m+. Continuous flowering£15.501.00
Rose 'Breath of Life'Climbing 4Lt(Climber) Attractive double apricot with unusual fragrance. Hybrid Tea-type blooms carried singly and in sprays. Mid-green foliage. 3.0x3.0m. Repeat flowering.£16.955.00
Rose 'Cecile Brunner'Polyanthus 4Lt(Polyanthus) 'The Sweetheart Rose' A miniature HT bearing very attractive, minute, flesh-pink, sweetly scented, double flowers. Open, well branched habit. 100cms. Flowers: repeat£15.503.00
Rose 'Coconut Ice'Floribunda 4LtAptly names this rose bears clusters of old fashioned style, cupped blooms of delicious, strawberry pink with a white to cream coloured reverse and subtle fragrance; June until late autumn. Rcih green foliage with good disease resistance. For any reasnoably fertile soil in sun or part shade. 1.2m Br; Kordes, Denmark£15.502.00
Rose 'Compassion' (AGM)Climbing 5Lt(Climber) Very fragrant double flowers of pink shaded apricot. Dark green, glossy foliage with good disease resistance. Ideal fences, pillars, walls. 3.0x3.0m. Repeat flowering.£16.752.00
Rose 'Congratulations'Hybrid Tea 4Lt(Hybrid Tea) Shapely, scented blooms of deepish pink fading to a lighter shade. Glossy, dark green foliage. Strong, upright growth. Flowers well into the Autumn. Ht:1.0m.£15.502.00
Rose 'Ena Harkness' (Climbing)Climbing 4Lt(Climbing HT) Double, very fragrant flowers of a rich veletty-red; shapely buds. Dark green foliage. Best against a south facing wall. 4.0x3.0m. Repeat flowering£16.952.00
Rose 'Fragrant Cloud'Hybrid Tea 4Lt(Hybrid Tea) Large, well formed blooms of deep coral-red with a fine 'wine-like' fragrance. Very free flowerer. Abundant, dark green foliage. Vigorous, upright habit. Ht:55-75cms. (22-30ins).£15.501.00
Rose 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup' (AGM)Rugosa 5Lt(Rugosa) Lovely, single, fragrant, clear-pink blooms then large, crimson hips in autumn. Compact shrub, or hedge, with distinctive disease-free apple-green foliage giving good autumn colour. Shade tolerant. 0.9x1.2m. Repeat flowering.£15.502.00
Rose 'Gloire de Dijon' (AGM)Climbing 5Lt(Climbing Tea) A lovely old rose with very large, full, rich Tea-scented flowers of buff-yellow sometimes tinted pink & gold. Vigorous. 4.0x2.5m. Flowers early repeating well throughout the season.£16.754.00
Rose 'Iceberg' (AGM)Floribunda 4LtLarge sprays of shapely, fragrant, white blooms which sometimes have a pink flush in the autumn. Almost continuous flowering. Upright, well branched with light green foliage. Needs space and light pruning only. Justifiably popular. Ht:75-100cms£15.504.00
Rose 'Iceberg Climbing'Climbing 5Lt(Climbing Floribunda) Large clusters of pure white, semi-double blooms. Almost thornless stems making vigorous growth with shiny, pale green leaves. Suitable north aspect & shade. 5.5x3.0m. Summer flowering.£16.952.00
Rose 'Leverkusen'Climbing 4LtClusters of sweetly scented, semi-double, pale yellow flowers all summer. Very healthy, glossy, light green foliage. Ideal pillars/walls. Little pruning required - remove dead wood. Shade tolerant. 3x2.5m. Continuous flowering.£16.952.00
Rose 'Madame Alfred Carriere' (AGM)Climbing 4Lt(Noisette Climber) A lovely 'old rose' bearing clusters of double, white flushed pink, very fragrant globular flowers; blooms freely & continually. Vigorous, shade tolerant & suitable on a north facing wall. 4.0x3.0m (12ftx10ft). Continuous flowering.£16.955.00
Rose 'Mary Rose'Shrub English 5Lt(Shrub English) Modern `Victorian style' rose with old-fashioned shaped, double blooms of fresh rose-pink with a wonderful fragrance from June to October. Robust, bushy habit & good disease resistance. 1.0x1.2m. Repeat flowering. Austin UK£24.954.00
Rose 'Pascali'Hybrid Tea 4Lt long established and reliable Hybrid Tea with classic, beautifully formed buds opening to scented, double white & cream tinted flowers from June through to late autumn. Any reasonable, fertile soil in sun or part shade. 1.0m+ Br: Lens, 1963£15.503.00
Rose 'Pigalle'Floribunda 4LtA beautiful, vibrant, multiheaded rose the large, double blooms a blend of orange, red & yellow - very descriptive of the Pigalle area of Paris; repeat flowering from June on. Rich green, disease resistant leaves. Upright bush for any reasonably fertile soil in sun or part shade. 1.2m. Br: Meilland, France 1983.£15.501.00
Rose 'Ruby Wedding'Hybrid Tea 4LtNeat, scented blooms of light ruby-red. Well branched bush with glossy, dark green foliage of average disease resistance. Ht:55-75cms. (22-30ins)£15.501.00
Rose 'Sander's White' (AGM)Rambler 4Lt(Wichuriana). Large drooping clusters of rosette-shaped, scented, pure white flowers. Pliable growth with soft green, glossy foliage. Shade tolerant. 4.0x2.4m. Summer flowering. On archway entering nursery.£16.953.00
Rose 'Shot Silk Climbing' (AGM)Climbing 4Lt(Climbing Hybrid Tea) Large full blooms of cerise-pink, salmon & yellow with good scent. Disease resistant, glossy foliage. A vigorous climbing version of the HT rose. Suitable for shade & north aspects. 6.0x2.0m. Repeat flowering.£16.951.00
Rose 'Souvenir du Docteur Jamain'Hybrid Perpetual 5LtBeautiful rose with scented, semi-double, open blooms of rich ruby-red. Large, rounded shrub with dark green foliage and few thorns. Resents scorching sun. 3.0x2.0m. Repeat flowering.£15.501.00
Rose 'Swan Lake'Climbing 4LtLarge, shapely, HT-type white blooms tinged pink. Very free flowering with good rain resistance. Dark green foliage. Good rose for fences, or pillars. 2.5x2.0m. Continuous flowering.£16.951.00
Rose 'Wedding Day'Rambler 4LtAbundant clusters of small, very fragrant, lemon-white, single flowers. Excellent glossy foliage. Very vigorous - ideal for very large walls or growing through trees. Suitable for N aspect & shade. 8.0x3.0m. Flowers: summer.£16.953.00
Rose 'White Pet' (AGM)Polyanthus 5LtA superb little bushy rose with clusters of small, fully double, white, rosette flowers. Well clothed in shiny, dark green foliage. Shade tolerant. 60x60cms. Continuous flowering.£15.502.00