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Sourced from our long established UK, mainly Eastern England growers using peat free or peat reduced compost
No insecticides or fungicides used
Grown under natural conditions – no forced growth

New seasons raspberries now in stock in packs of 5 ~ summer & autumn fruiting

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Amelanchier alnifolia 'Smokey'Saskatoon 3LtThe Juneberry or Saskatoon. Upright, large, bushy shrub producing heavy yields of smallish, sweet, smokey-black fruit full of nutrients & fibre in mid June. Can be eaten fresh or cooked. Clusters of single, self fertile, white flowers in early spring. Good autumn leaf colour. Any reasonably drained, fertile soil in sun. To: 3m£14.955.00
Blackberry 'Merton Thornless' 2LtLarge fruit late Aug-late Sept. Train against fence/wire or up pole. Moist, well-manured soil. in sun.£8.505.00
Blackberry 'Navaho'Blackberry 2LtThornless variety bearing heavy crops of glossy, black, sweet fruit of excellent flavour over a long period from July until September. Stiff stems with lobed, grey green foliage. Robust grower for any reasonable, drained soil in sun.To: 1.8m.£8.755.00
Blackberry 'Oregon Thornless'Thornless Blackberry 2LtThornless variety giving good yields of well-flavoured fruit August-September. Easily trained canes with attractive ferny foliage - trellis or arch. Open, sunny position. Space 3.0m.£8.755.00
Blackcurrant 'Ben Connan' (AGM) 2LtEarly season variety bearing very heavy crops of large, sweet fruit. Good resistance to mildew. Compact grower. Humus rich, retentive soil in sun or part shade.£9.953.00
Blackcurrant 'Ben Hope' 3LtExcellent late season variety reliably bearing heavy crops of medium size, sweet fruit of superb flavour held on long 'strips'; July-August. High resistance to mildew, big bud & gall mite.. Self fertile. Vigorous, upright grower for a retentive, fertile soil in sun. 1.5m£9.953.00
Blackcurrant 'Ben Lomond' (AGM) 2LtHeavy yields of large fruit with a tangy flavour - late July. Reasonably compact growth of upright habit; high mildew resistance. Well manured, moist soil in full sun.£9.951.00
Blackcurrant 'Ben Sarek' (AGM)Eating / Cooking 2LtSmaller, more compact variety bearing heavy crops of large berries, mid-July. Good frost resistance when flowering. Organic-rich soil in a sunny position. Ht: 90-120cms (3-4ft).£9.954.00
Blackcurrant 'Titania' 2LtA new Swedish introduction proving to have good frost tolerance and disease resistance. High yields of large, flavoursome, rich black fruit with a high juice content; early July into early August. Prune to keep an open shape. Relishes a rich, fertile, retentive yet drained soil in sun. 1.5x1.0m.£9.901.00
Blueberry 'Goldtraube'Blueberry 3LtHeavy cropping variety producing delicious, juicy, firm, well flavoured aromatic fruit; July & August. Robust, reliable, well branched shrub the pink-white flowers in April & good autumn foliage a bonus. Neutral to acid soil in part shade. 2-3 forms recommended to ensure pollination. To: 120x60cms.£12.955.00
Blueberry 'Jersey' 3Lt(Female) More upright form giving good crops of lighter blue, very 'bloomy' fruit in late summer. Requires a male form for pollination and a lime-free soil. To: 1.8x1.2m.£12.951.00
Blueberry 'Northland'Blueberry 3LtConsistent heavy cropper of large succulent berries; late July to early September. Attractive heads of bell-shaped, white flowers in spring. Needs a moist yet well-drained, acid in sun or partial shade. Self fertile but better pollination if planted in groups. To 1.5m£12.955.00
Gooseberry 'Hinnonmaki Guj' 3LtA lovely new eating variety bearing heavy crops of sweet, juicy, golden-yellow fruit; late June-July. Neat, bushy habit with good disease resistance. Fertile, reasonably drained soil in sun. Prune annually to maintain good shape & fruuiting.£9.502.00
Grape 'Lakemont' 3LtA seedless dessert grape suitable for outdoor cultivation in sheltered, warmer parts of the country. Abundant, large bunches of sweet, pale yellow-green fruits, with a good muscat flavour ripen from late summer. Free draining soil in sun. Best results from annual pruning. 3m+£14.753.00
Loganberry LY654 (Thornless) 2LtLarge dark red fruit of good flavour, July-September. Ideal stewing, jam, freezing Space:10-12ft. Enriched soil in a sunny position.£8.756.00
Raspberry 'All Gold' (AGM) x5Autumn fruitingRoot wrapA yellow, AUTUMN fruiting variety similar in habit to Autumn Bliss & slightly sweeter; crops from early August to October. Fruit produced on current years wood. Space: 45cms and mulch well.£15.953.00
Raspberry 'Autumn Bliss' x 5Autumn fruitingRoot wrapExcellent autumn fruiting variety producing heavy crops of good flavoured fruit in Aug-Sept. Fruit borne on current year's wood. Upright, sturdy canes not requiring support. Deep, moist soil in sun. Space 45cms.£15.955.00
Raspberry 'Glen Ample' (AGM) x5Root wrapVigorous, almost spine free variety yielding good crops of well tasting fruit; late July-August. A reliable, mid-season variety and one of the best for freezing. Free draining soil in sun. (Sold in pots of 10 canes)£15.955.00
Raspberry 'Glen Carron'RaspberryRoot wrap(Early to mid season) A recently introduced UK variety bearing heavy crops of long, conical, bright red, sweet fruits of low acidity over a 4 wek period from early July. Disease resistant, spine free canes. Bears fruit on previous years wood. Remove old canes after fruiting. Free draining fertile soil in sun. 1.5m Developed in Scotland at James Hutton Ltd. Released in 2018£15.955.00
Raspberry 'Joan J'RaspberryRoot wrapAn excellent autumn fruiting (primocane) variety producing high yields of firm, sweet, juicy, deep ruby red fruit, larger than Autumn Bliss on the current years wood over a 7 week period from mid summer on. Spine free canes which should be cut back to the ground in winter. Freely drained fertile soil in sun. Recent introduction by Medway Fruits.£15.955.00
Raspberry 'Malling Juno' x 5Root wrapA very early ripening variety the medium - large, firm textures fruit are sweet with fine flavout. Medium vigour, spine free canes with fruit held well for easy picking. Remove old canes after fruiting then tie in new growth. Reasonably drained soil in sun. Space: 45cms.£15.955.00
Raspberry 'Octavia' x 5Root wrapA very worthy introduction fruiting from late July through August. Upright canes clothed from top to bottom with high yields of conical, rosy-red, sweet & fleshy fruit. Prune out old cnaes after harvest. Free draining, fertile soil in sun. Space 45cms.£15.955.00
Raspberry 'Tulameen. (AGM) x5RaspberryRoot wrapVery prolific mid to late season variety, not as late as 'Autumn Bliss' but a far better garden variety. Can produce very strong canes to 2mtrs with profuse red-pink, very tasty oval fruit.Plant in rich soil in sun for best results.£15.955.00
Redcurrant 'Jonkheer van Tets' (AGM) 2LtVery free fruiting variety with hanging clusters of glossy, cherry red fruits from mid, through late summer. Self fertile. Tidy, upright, deciduous bush for retentive, well drained soil in sun. (6-8) 1.2x1.2m.£9.953.00
Rhubarb 'Fenton Special'Rhubarb 2LtA very reliable, slightly later variety. Rich red stems of good flavour. Also good for forcing. Prefers a retentive, rich yet reasonably drained soil. Best in dappled shade. Harvest March - May.£9.901.00
Rhubarb 'Timperley Early' (AGM) 3LtPopular early variety of good flavour. Excellent for forcing. Well manured, retentive soil.£7.952.00
Tayberry 'Buckingham' 3LtHeavy cropping variety producing red-black fruit of good flavour; July. Grown from virus-free stock. reasonably drained soil in sun. Ht: 2.4m+.£8.401.00
Tayberry 'Buckingham' 2Lt£8.754.00
Tayberry 'Medana'Tayberry 2Lt(Raspb.x Blackberry). Virus-free strain bearing good yields of large, sweet, juicy, aromatic fruit July - August. Space: 2.4m(8ft). Sunny position.£8.756.00
Whitecurrant 'Versailles Blanche'White Currant 2LtLovely dessert variety bearing long & heavy trusses of large, pale yellow, sweet fruit of delicate flavour early July. Reliable variety giving good crops year after year. Any reasonable soil in sun.£9.503.00