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Apple 'Bardsey'Eating / Cooking12LtFound growing on Bardsey Island and introduced in 1998, this dual purpose, creamy-pink apple has a fine, refreshing flavour and also cooks well without need of sugar. Hardy with excellent disease resistance. Harvest mid September. Pollination Gp: 2. Bush on MM106.£49.501.00
Apple 'Bountiful'12Lt(Cox x Lanes Prince Albert) Heavy crops of large, pale green striped red, juicy fruit - quite sweet for a cooker; stores until Jan. Slices hold when cooked. Compact, disease resistant variety where Bramley could be too large. Bush on MM 106. Pollination Gp: 2£53.002.00
Apple 'Bramley's Seedling' (AGM)Cooking Apple12LtThe most popular cooking variety bearing heavy crops of large green fruits with a red flush. Vigorous grower of spreading habit. Pollination GROUP2. Triploid ( requires 2 pollinators). Bush on MM106£53.001.00
Apple 'Bramley's Seedling' Clone 20Cooking Apple12LtA compact form of the very popular cooking apple. Although 20% less vigorous it usually has heavier crops of large, green-yellow fruit with a strong acidic flavour; Sept-Oct. Stores well. Pollination Gp:3 - triploid so best with 2 pollinators. Bush on MM106.£53.003.00
Apple 'Discovery' (AGM)Eating Apple12LtEarly variety with medium-size, crisp, juicy, bright red suffused yellow fruit. Moderate growth habit; good disease resistance & frost tolerance. Pick: August. Use: August-September. Pollination Gp: 2. Bush on MM106£53.001.00
Apple 'Egremont Russet' (AGM)Eating Apple12Lt(Eating) Unique variety with small to medium size fruit with a rough textured golden-russet skin. Flesh is crisp with a sweet, nutty flavour. Pick late September for eating October-December. Pollination Gp:1 Bush on MM106£53.001.00
Apple 'Fiesta' (AGM)Eating Apple12LtExcellent & easier 'Cox' derivative with medium-large, firm, yellow-flushed, bright red fruit of good flavour & the aroma & nuttiness of its parent. Reliable & heavy cropper. Pick early October for October-March use. Pollination GROUP 2. Bush on MM106£53.001.00
Apple 'Herefordshire Russset'Eating Apple12LtAcclaimed new variety best described as a russet with a 'Cox' flavour. Pick late September - stores well until late January. Heavy crops of small to medium size fruit of good texture. Appears to need little cross pollination. Bush on MM106 Pollination Gp: 3£52.753.00
Apple 'Katja'12Lt(Eating) Early variety producing regular, heavy crops of oval, red, crisp & juicy fruit. Eats well from tree, Sept-Oct., but does not store. Now considered better than its parent 'Worcester Pearmain'. Pollination GROUP 2. Bush on MM106£52.752.00
Apple 'Laxton's Superb'Eating Apple12LtPopular late variety bearing medium-large, greenish-yellow flushed red fruit of good flavour & storing well. Pick early October for Nov-Feb use. May be a biennial cropper. Vigorous habit. Pollination GROUP 3. Bush on MM106£52.751.00
Apple 'Limelight'Eating Apple12Lt(Eating) An improved 'Greensleeves' bearing heavy crops of crisp, refreshing, very disease resistant, greenish-yellow fruit sometimes with a hint of pink. Eat September. Forms a neat, easy to grow, compact tree. Pollination Gp: 3. Bush on MM106£45.001.00
Apple 'Paradice Gold'Dessert Apple12LtExcellent new red flushed russet dessert apple of superb flavour with crisp, sweet flesh; harvest October. Planted in the Olympic Park to commemorate the London Paralympic Legacy. Fertile soil in sun. Recommend staking. Bush form on MM106. Polliniation Gp: 3£51.502.00
Apple 'Red Windsor'Eating Apple12LtVery heavy crops of glowing rich-red fruit with a superb Cox type flavour; Sept. Ideal garden variety, very compact, good disease resistance and some blossom frost resistance. Bush on MM106. Pollination Gp: 2 - self fertile.£53.001.00
Apple 'Scotch Bridget'Cooking / Eating12LtA reliabl;e, tough variety very popular in Scotland and northern areas. Largish, red flushed orange fruit with an acid tangy flavour. Can be used as a desert apple when stored. Cooks well keeping shape. Pollination Gp: 3 - triploid requires 2 pollinators. Bush on MM106.£45.001.00
Apple 'Sunset' (AGM)Eating12LtHeavy & regular crops of medium-size fruit similar to Cox in taste, texture & appearance - but easier to grow. Harvest late September, use October - December. Pollination group: 2. Bush on MM106£49.501.00
Aprium 'Aprisali'12LtA complex apricot x plum hybrid producing sweet, crimson fruits with a beautiful taste and aroma suitable for eating or cooking; early July. Single white, scented flowers; April - May. Self fertile but benefits from pollination from other plums. Fertile, reasonably drained soil in sun avoiding frost pockets. Bush on WavitA£64.502.00
Corylus avellana 'Webbs Prized Cob'Hazel 3Lt(sy. Lambert Filbert) Similar to the old 'Kentish Cob' but heavier cropping and a tad less vigorous. Large, brown, richly flavoured nuts in autumn. Attractive when clothed in yellow, dangly catkins in spring. Good autumn leaf colour. Thrives on heavy local chalky clays.Can be regularly coppiced. 2.5x1.5m. £11.251.00
Cydonia japonica 'Meeches Prolific' - Half StandardQuince12Lt(Self fertile) Very large, very fragrant, yellow, pear shaped fruit; late October. Large, fragrant, pink-white, single flowers in late April - May. Excellent for quince jelly and many other culinary purposes. Fertile. deep, reasonably drained soil in a sheltered, sunny site. Half Standard on Quince A£58.002.00
Cydonia oblonga 'Vranja'Edible Quince12LtVery reliable, long established, hardy variety bearing large, pear shaped, pale green-yellow fruit; October. Makes excellent quince jelly etc. Clusters of pale pink flowers in spring. Any reasonable soil in sun. Ht: 5m+.Half standard on Quince A£58.001.00
Ficus afghanistanica 'Silver Lyre' 3LtHardy deciduous fig from the Iran & Afghanistan with heavily dissected, handsome silver-green foliage. The small dark fruit are sweet and commonly eaten. (There anyhow!) Slowly forms a large shrub in the shelter of a warm wall in sun. 4.0x3.0mtrs.£13.954.00
Ficus carica 'Little Miss Figgy'Fig 3LtA compact, bushy deciduous shrub or tree to around 1.8m in height, with rounded, lobed dark green leaves and insignificant summer flowers which are followed by rounded, brownish-green edible fruits in the autumn. An ideal variety for patio containers£14.505.00
Fig 'Brown Turkey' (AGM)Fig 3Lt(Ficus carica) Reliable & heavy cropper the oval fruit having red flesh of a rich, sweet flavour. Very popular variety for outdoor or indoor cultivation. Best crops if roots are restricted. Free draining, not too rich soil in a sheltered, sunny site.£11.954.00
Fig 'Ice Crystal' (Fig)Fig 3Lt(Ficus carica - Female) Very hardy form with very attractive finely cut leaves looking like snow crystals turning yellow in autumn. Self fertile with tasty reddish-brown fruit - can be shy to fruit when young. Well drained, sheltered site in sun. To: 4x4m.£11.955.00
Greengage 'Early Transparent Gage'12LtRounded yellow fruits with red spotting & golden, melting flesh of excellent flavour - juicy & sweet. Regular & reliable cropper. Any reasonable soil in a sunny position. Self-fertile. Bush on StJulianA£59.501.00
Greengage 'Willingham'Greengage12LtFound growing wild around Willingham, Cambs, this gage is regarded as being of the best eating varieties. Reliable crops of green-russet fruit, juicy and of superb flavour; mid August. Self fertile but better crops if cross pollinated. Bush on VVA1£61.502.00
Mirabelle 'Countess'Mirabelle plum12Lt((Prunus domestica syriaca) 'Countess' is a new dual-purpose variety. Superb round dark red-purple plummy fruit with a lovely flavour. The flesh is red to yellow with a wonderful melting texture juicy sweet and rich in flavour. Excellent eating quality but can also be used in cooking. Freestone the stone comes alway from the flesh when fully ripe. Stunning white blossom in the spring. Fertile soil in sun. Self fertile. 3m Ukraine 1950. Bush on St Julian A
Mirabelle 'Gypsy'12LtModern variety, produces heavy crops of large, bright red fruits with a sweet orange flesh; sugary rich and juicy in flavour. Best for eating fresh but can also be used for cooking. Stunning white, fragrant blossom early in the spring. Large dark green leaves. Pollination gp:1. Bush on St Julian A. Ukraine 1995.£56.501.00
Miracot 'Aprimira'Miracot12LtA Mirabelle - Apricot cross. Heavy crops of delicious, extra sweet, medium size, yellow red speckled, freestone fruit over a long period from mid August. For a fertile, reasonably drained soil in sun. Self fertile, pollination group 1. Bush form on St Julian A.£56.502.00
Morus albaWhite Mulberry12LtSmall to medium sized spreading deciduous tree with large, heart-shaped, lobed, glossy bright-green leaves with a rough texture. Old specimens become gnarled & rugged. Insipid white fruit turn reddish-pink when ripe in late summer. Silk-worms feed on leaves. Fertile, well drained soil in sun. To: 10x10mtrs.£59.952.00
Nectarine 'Lord Napier' 7.5ltSuitable for outdoor growing the fruits have smooth, dark crimson skin flecked yellow. Creamy-white, sweet & juicy flesh that falls easily off the stone; early August. Attractive flowers in April - pollinated by bees. Self fertile. Introduced 1860 by nursery in Sawbridgeworth. Reasonably drained, fertile soil in sun. Bush on St Julian A.£51.501.00
Nectarine 'Pineapple'Nectarine 7.5ltGood crops of clean pale skinned fruit with yellow melting flesh and rich aromatic flavours slightly reminiscent of a sprightly pineapple which is where it's name comes from. An early ripening nectarine & best eaten straight off the tree. Early flowering so not ideal to plant outdoors. Fertile soil in sun. Self fertile but insects may be lacking at flowering time. Bush on St Julian A. .Rivers Nursery Sawbridgeworth late 18thC
Peach 'Gorgeous' 7.5ltA yellow fleshed peach with attractive purple-red striped skin. Delicious, juicy fresh flavours which make this the perfect eating variety. Discovered in Kent and well adapted to the UK climate. For a reasonably drained, fertile soil in a sheltered, sunny position. Self fertile. Bush on St Julian A.£51.501.00
Pear 'Conference' (AGM)Eating Pear12LtEver popular variety the long, narrow fruit becoming juicy, yet firm, when ripe. Reliable & heavy cropper. Pick late September - use October-November. Self fertile. Pollination GROUP 2. Bush on Quince A£57.501.00
Pear 'Onward'Pear - eating12LtMedium to large yellowish green fruit with variable patches of brown russet and a pinkish red flush. Melting, creamy white, juicy flesh with an excellent flavour; mid-late September. Pollination Gp: 4. Bush on Quince A.£55.001.00
Pear 'Sensation'Eating Pear12LtA 'sport' from Williams Bon Chretien the very sweet and juicy, red skinned fruit having good texture. Matures in August. Red tinted foliage in spring. Pollinates with Comice, Conference & Winter Nellis. Pollination Gp: 2. Bush on Quince A.£57.502.00
Pistacia lentiscusChios mastic 5LtA tender evergreen shrub or small tree with aromatic, ash-like, leathery, pinnate green leaves Male plants have small, dense clusters of reddidh flowers, female plants have looser clusters of brownish green flowers; late spring.. If pollinated, these are followed on by small round reddish fruits ripenening to black.Reasonably drained soil in sun. To 3m.£14.953.00
Plum 'Early Rivers'12LtHeavy crops of small, rounded, blue-purple. juicy fruit early in the season. Good for both eating and cooking. Introduced in 1820 by Rivers Nursery, Sawbridgeworth. Part self-fertile - pollination gp: 2. Bush form on StJulianA£59.502.00
Plum 'Malling Elizabeth'Plum12Lt(Opal x Herman) Heavy crops of large, juicy, sweet, golden fleshed plums with a light purple skin;; July. Clusters of fragrant white flowers. New introduction from East Malling Research Centre. Self fertile. Fertile, retentive soil in sun. Staking recommended. Bush on St Julian A. 4m.£62.501.00
Plum 'Marjories Seedling' (AGM)Eating & Cooking12LtLarge purple fruit with moderately sweet, yellow flesh. Late flowerer. Vigorous, upright grower. Very good cooking/freezing variety; suitable for eating when fully ripe. Pick: late September into October. Pollination group: C - self fertile. Bush on VVA1£57.501.00
Plum 'Victoria' (AGM)Eating & Cooking12LtEver popular variety bearing heavy crops of large, oval fruit with pale red skin & juicy, sweet, golden-red flesh; September. May need thinning to avoid biennial cropping. Self fertile. Pollination group: 2. Bush on StJulianA£59.501.00
Vitis vinifera 'Carbernet Sauviignon'Grape 3LtClassic claret variety grown commercially across the world. Late fruiting bearing large clusters of sweet, small, black grapes - best if grown under protection. Large, soft green leaves. Prune regularly for best fruit production. For a free draining, protected site in full sun. 4x4m+£11.502.00
Vitis vinifera 'Crimson Seedless'Eating Grape 3LtA popular red seedless Californian variety producing heavy crops of slightly elongated pinkish-red, sweet and juicy fruits with a good crisp texture in late summer. Dual purpose eating / wine making variety. Suitable for outdoors on a warm sunny aspect in warmer areas in the south else a cold greenhouse recommended. Prune regularly for best fruit production. Large, deciduous green leaves. For a free draining, protected site in full sun. 4m+£12.253.00
Vitis vinifera 'Pinot Blanc (Vitis)Grape 3Lt(Grape) Vigorous, woody, twining climber producing reliable crops of green, seeded grapes suitable for wine making. Ornate, large,, lobed, fresh green leaves. For a free draining site in sun. Prune regularly to produce the best crops. Mid season variety£12.726.00