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Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'Rambler 5LtStrong growing, more or less evergreen thornless climber for a warm, sunny wall. Small, glossy leaves & clusters of small, fully double soft-yellow pom-pom like flowers, very early during late spring. Needs a very warm, sheltered wall in sun. (4-6) Ht to 8mtrs.£16.755.00
Rosa banksiae 'Lutescens'Rambler 4LtChoice large evergreen / semi evergreen rambler with clusters of beautifully fragrant, single, yellow blooms (to 2.5cm across); late spring. Long, thornless stems - abundance of pale green leaflets. Light prune only. Needs a favoured, warm, sunny position in reasonably drained, fertile soil. 7m+. Intyroduced before 1870.£16.751.00
Rosa cymosaRambler 4LtA strong growing, slender stemmed, almost thornless rose with small, polished, rich-green leaves, flushed red on the new growth. Large clusters of small, single, fragrant, star like white flowers with yellow stamens; June, July & may repeat. Small, oval red hips. Best with the shelter of a warm wall. 5m. China£16.754.00
Rosa cymosa 'Rebecca Rushforth'Rambler 2LtA strong growing, slender stemmed rose with small, polished, rich-green leaves, flushed red on the new growth. Large clusters of small, single, creamy white flowers with yellow stamens, borne early, during May & June, followed small, oval red hips. Best with the shelter of a warm wall. (5-6) Ht to 5.0mtrs.£16.754.00
Rosa gallica versicolor (AGM)Gallica 5Lt(syn. R.mundi) A very old rose with striking large, semi-double crimson blooms splashed rose & white with a wonderful scent. Naturally bushy plant with good foliage. Shade tolerant. Remove dead wood only. 1.0x1.0m. Summer flowering.£15.5010.00
Rosa glauca (AGM)Species 2Ltsyn. rubrifolia. Unusual & attractive species rose with purple-red stems & & purple-pink flushed smokey-grey leaves. Small, pink, single flowers during midsummer followed by fine display of small red hips autumn. Excellent specimen or hedging plant. 2.1x1.5m.£10.952.00
Rosa rugosa 'Alba' (AGM)Rugosa 4LtSuperb shrub rose bearing large, single, pure white, scented, silky blooms followed by very large orange-red hips. Abundance of tough, disease resistant foliage. Shade tolerant. 1.8x1.8m. Continuous flowering.£15.505.00
Rosa rugosa 'Rubra' (AGM)Rugosa 4LtExcellent, robust shrub rose with wonderfully fragrant, large, single magenta-pink lowers in summer. Large, red, tomato-like hips in autumn. Semi evergreen leaves are almost disease free. To: 1.5x1.5m£15.509.00
Rosa xanthina 'Canary Bird' (AGM)Species 4LtLarge shrub with arching branches massed with single, bright yellow flowers with prominent stamens; spring. Attractive fern-like, light green foliage. Excellent feature specimen. Best in sun. 2.4x1.8m. One of the earliest to flower in spring.£15.502.00
Rose 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'Hybrid Tea 4Lt(Hybrid Tea) Elegant, very pale pink, very fragrant, well shaped blooms repeating well throughout the season. Withstands wet weather well. Strong, vigorous plants with dark green, semi-glossy foliage. Ht: 60-70cms.£0.005.00
Rose 'Absolutely Fabulous'Floribunda 4Lt(Floribunda) Clusters of very fragrant, soft butter-yellow blooms having a ruffled effect. Even grower with an abundance of mid-green foliage with good disease resistance. Striking new introduction from America - Rose of the Year 2010. Ht: 55-75cms.£15.502.00
Rose 'Albertine' (AGM)Rambler 5Lt(Rambler) Popular old variety with masses of very fragrant, large, double, coppery-pink blooms from salmon buds. Very thorny stems with glossy foliage. Very vigorous. 4.5x2.5m. Summer flowering.£16.752.00
Rose 'Amber Queen' (AGM)Floribunda 4Lt(Floribunda) Clusters of scented, amber-yellow blooms. Compact, bushy plants with dark green, glossy foliage of good disease resistance. Rose of Year 1984. Ht;55-75cms. (22-30ins).£15.503.00
Rose 'Aphrodite'Hybrid Tea 5Lt(Hybrid Tea) Large, fully cupped, pure pink blooms with a strong spicy fragrance emerge from attractive spiralled buds; repeat flowering. Leathery, rich green, disease resistant leaves. Retentive, fertile soil in sun or part shade. 1.0m. Gold Award winner.£18.254.00
Rose 'Arthur Bell' (AGM)Floribunda 4Lt(Floribunda) Clusters of golden yellow, semi double, fragrant blooms held of stiff stems; repeats well. Flowers become cup shaped and creamier with age. Dark green folaige with goiod disease resistance. A well established rose from 1965 and still popular today. To: 90x90cms.£15.502.00
Rose 'Ballerina' (AGM)Shrub 4Lt(Shrub) Clusters of attractive, single, pale-pink flowers with a white eye. Very free flowering with small hips in autumn. Delightful, dainty & showy shrub or low hedge. Shade tolerant. 1.2x0.9m. Continuous flowering.£15.505.00
Rose 'Bantry Bay'Climbing 4Lt(Climber) Clusters of semi-double, pale rose-pink shapely blooms; repeat. Healthy, leathery foliage. Ht.8-10ft. Ideal pillars, walls or fences. Little pruning required. Remove dead, wood as necessary£16.953.00
Rose 'Blanche Double de Coubert'Rugosa 4Lt(Rugosa) Large, semi-double, very fragrant, papery blooms of purest white. Fairly continuous flowering from midsummer. Huge red hips autumn. Good healthy foliage. Shade tolerant. 2.0x1.6m£15.501.00
Rose 'Bonica' (AGM)Shrub 4Lt(Shrub) Abundance of semi-double, pale rose-pink blooms from June till October; orange-red hips. Semi-arching stems with mid green foliage; good disease resistance. Superb rose for borders or mass planting. 1.0x1.0m+. Continuous flowering£15.5016.00
Rose 'Breath of Life'Climbing 4Lt(Climber) Attractive double apricot with unusual fragrance. Hybrid Tea-type blooms carried singly and in sprays. Mid-green foliage. 3.0x3.0m. Repeat flowering.£16.954.00
Rose 'Buff Beauty' (AGM)Hybrid Musk 4Lt(Hybrid Musk) Large trusses of medium-size, semi-double, fragrant, apricot-buff blooms; midsummer on. Good dark green foliage & sturdy growth; 1.5x1.5m. Shade tolerant£15.505.00
Rose 'Champagne Moments'Floribunda 4Lt(Floribunda) Delightful new variety bearing clusters of fragrant, strong apricot blooms the outer petals fading to pale pink. Very free flowering. Dark green, glossy foliage with good disease resistance. Ht: to 75cms. Rose of the Year 2006£15.507.00
Rose 'Charles De Mills' (AGM)Gallica 5Lt(Gallica) A superb rose with very double, tightly infolded, fragrant blooms toned from crimson cerise to wine purple; midsummer. Dark green foliage. 1.2m. x 1.0m.£15.502.00
Rose 'Compassion' (AGM)Climbing 5Lt(Climber) Very fragrant double flowers of pink shaded apricot. Dark green, glossy foliage with good disease resistance. Ideal fences, pillars, walls. 3.0x3.0m. Repeat flowering.£16.751.00
Rose 'Cornelia' (AGM)Hybrid Musk 4Lt(Kybrid Musk) Clusters of richly fragrant, small, apricot-pink, double blooms; free flowering. Well clothed in dark green foliage. Makes a fine specimen shrub or hedge. Shade tolerant. 1.5x1.5m. Repeat flowering.£15.501.00
Rose 'Cream Abundance'Floribunda 4Lt(Floribunda) Large clusters of very fragrant, fully double; creamy blooms with ruffled centres; very free & repeat flowering. Bushy habit with good disease resistant foliage. To: 90x60cms.£15.504.00
Rose 'Creme de la Creme'Climbing 5Lt(Climber) Well shaped, fragrant, full blooms of white turning to deep cream; repeats well. Large, dark green leaves. Stiff, upright stems to 3.0m.£16.753.00
Rose 'Duchess of Cornwall (AGM)Hybrid Tea 4Lt(Hybrid Tea) Very double, old fashioned quartered blooms of very fragrant, apricot sometimes with a hint of pink held singley or in small clusters; repeats well. Stiff stems with dark green, glossy foliage. To: 90x60cms.£18.252.00
Rose 'Dunham Massey'Shrub 5Lt(Shrub) Clusters of fully double, quartered, candy pink blooms with a light, fruity fragrance; repeat flowering. Light to mid green disease resistant foliage. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. To: 1.2m x 90cms. Introduced 2013, Beales.£19.251.00
Rose 'English Miss'Floribunda 4Lt(Floribunda) Large sprays of shapely silver-pink, very fragrant blooms. Ht.2'6' (75cms); well branched with unusual purplish-green foliage of good disease resistance. Ht:55-75cms (22-30ins).£15.501.00
Rose 'Eyes for You'Floribunda 4Lt(Floribunda) A very different rose with trusses of large (to 10cm) semi-double blooms of mauve & lilac with a central purple blotch. Free & repeat flowering with a strong lemon fragrance. Strong plants from 'persica' hybrids with excellent disease resistance. To: 90x90cms.£15.502.00
Rose 'Felicia' (AGM)Hybrid Musk 4Lt(Hybrid Musk) Beautiful form with trusses of double, silver-pink flowers deepening at the centre.Very fragrant & repeat flowering late into the year. Good specimen plant of sturdy, bushy growth & plenty of foliage. 1.5x1.5m.£15.504.00
Rose 'Felicite Perpetue' (AGM)Rambler 4Lt(Rambler) Clusters of small, fully double, cupped, rosettte-like ivory-white flowers flecked pink; well scented. Dark green, almost evergreen foliage. Prune very lightly. Suitable for N aspect; shade tolerant. 4.5x3.0m. Flowers: Midsummer.£16.951.00
Rose 'Flower Carpet Pink'Ground Cover 5Lt(Ground cover) A ground covering rose massed with clusters of semi-double, pink, scented blooms throughout the summer into autumn. Dark green, glossy foliage with good disease resistance. To: 60cms x100cms.£15.502.00
Rose 'Flower Carpet Ruby'Ground Cover 4LtLow growing variety massed with large, single, ruby-red blooms with prominent stamens; June until autumn. Mid-green, glossy foliage. Good ground covering variety for a fetile soil in sun or part shade. Ht: to 60cms. Space: 90cms.£15.505.00
Rose 'Flower Carpet White'Ground Cover 5Lt(Ground cover) New ground coverer well clothed in double white blooms with a hint of ivory at the base. Has a long flowering period from June on. Almost evergreen, mid-green glossy foliage. Fertile soil in sun or part shade. Ht: to 60cms. Space: 60cms.£15.504.00
Rose 'For Your Eyes Only' (AGM)Floribunda 4Lt(Floribunda) Trusses of large, single, pink-apricot blooms with a distinctive deep pink-red eye and yellow stamens. Repeats well. A 'persica' hybrid forming a strong , bushy shrub with excellent disease resistance. To: 90x90cms.Rose of the Year 2015£15.503.00
Rose 'Francois Juranville' (AGM)Rambler 4Lt(Wichuriana rambler) Spectacular in midsummer when covered by large, loosely formed, double, fragrant blooms of rich salmon-rose. Similar to & sometimes confused with 'Albertine'. Good disease resistance. Thin, pliable stems. Suitable for shade. 5.0mx3.0m.£16.954.00
Rose 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup' (AGM)Rugosa 5Lt(Rugosa) Lovely, single, fragrant, clear-pink blooms then large, crimson hips in autumn. Compact shrub, or hedge, with distinctive disease-free apple-green foliage giving good autumn colour. Shade tolerant. 0.9x1.2m. Repeat flowering.£15.507.00
Rose 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup' (AGM)Rugosa 4Lt£15.504.00
Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll'Shrub English 5Lt(Shrub English)Beautifully fragrant, large, rosette-shaped blooms of rich pink with a distinct 'old rose' characteristic. Tall, vigorous growth with matt, dark green foliage. 1.2x1.0m. Repeat flowering. Austin UK£24.958.00
Rose 'Gloire de Dijon' (AGM)Climbing 5Lt(Climbing Tea) A lovely old rose with very large, full, rich Tea-scented flowers of buff-yellow sometimes tinted pink & gold. Vigorous. 4.0x2.5m. Flowers early repeating well throughout the season.£16.754.00
Rose 'Golden Showers' (AGM)Climbing 5LtAlmost continuous show of large, semi-double blooms of golden-yellow fading to cream with a pleasing fragrance; continuous. Pliable, almost thornless stems of upright habit. Excellent for the small garden. Shade tolerant. 3.0x2.0m.£16.9510.00
Rose 'Graham Thomas' (AGM)English 5LtBeautiful, medium-size, cupped, infolded blooms of rich pure-yellow and a strong 'Tea Rose' fragrance. Vigorous, upright, bushy growth with glossy, pale-green foliage. 1.2x1.2m. Repeat flowering.£24.9514.00
Rose 'Grosvenor House'Shrub 4LtA modern shrub rose well covered in highly fragrant, double, HT type, rich golden-honey blooms with creamier outer petals; June throughout summer. Mid green, healthy foliage. For any reasonbale, fertile soil in sun or part shade. 90x120cms. Beales, 2009.£21.955.00
Rose 'Hot Chocolate'Floribunda 4LtClusters of mouth-watering, warm velvety-orange to smoky brown, double, fragrant blooms from striking rusty-orange buds; June on. Bushy habit with mid green, glossy foliage. Fertile soil in sun or part shade. To: 75cms.£15.505.00
Rose 'Iceberg' (AGM)Floribunda 5LtLarge sprays of shapely, fragrant, white blooms which sometimes have a pink flush in the autumn. Almost continuous flowering. Upright, well branched with light green foliage. Needs space and light pruning only. Justifiably popular. Ht:75-100cms£15.505.00
Rose 'Iceberg' (AGM)Floribunda 4Lt£15.504.00
Rose 'Iceberg Climbing'Climbing 5Lt(Climbing Floribunda) Large clusters of pure white, semi-double blooms. Almost thornless stems making vigorous growth with shiny, pale green leaves. Suitable north aspect & shade. 5.5x3.0m. Summer flowering.£16.951.00
Rose 'Joie de Vivre'Floribunda 5LtClusters of scented, creamy blush-pink, slightly old fashioned type blooms from soft aprocot buds; June on. Compact plant with dark green, glossy foliage. Rose of the Year 2011. Ht: 40-55cms.£16.754.00
Rose 'Leaping Salmon'Climbing 5LtVery fragrant, Hybrid Tea-type blooms of glowing deep salmon-pink. Dark, glossy foliage with good disease resistance. 3.0x3.0m. Repeat flowering£16.951.00
Rose 'Madame Alfred Carriere' (AGM)Climbing 4Lt(Noisette Climber) A lovely 'old rose' bearing clusters of double, white flushed pink, very fragrant globular flowers; blooms freely & continually. Vigorous, shade tolerant & suitable on a north facing wall. 4.0x3.0m (12ftx10ft). Continuous flowering.£16.9511.00
Rose 'Margaret Merril' (AGM)Floribunda 4LtClusters of very fragrant, creamy-white, HT-type blooms. Sturdy, upright growth with light green foliage of good disease resistance. Ht:55-75cms (22-30ins).£15.501.00
Rose 'Mary Rose'Shrub English 5Lt(Shrub English) Modern `Victorian style' rose with old-fashioned shaped, double blooms of fresh rose-pink with a wonderful fragrance from June to October. Robust, bushy habit & good disease resistance. 1.0x1.2m. Repeat flowering. Austin UK£24.9514.00
Rose 'Mevrouw Nathalie Nypels'Polyanthus 4LtProfusion of semi-double, rose-pink, highly scented flowers. Dense, well foliated bush. The spreading habit gives good ground cover. 0.9x0.9m. Continuous flowering.£15.505.00
Rose 'My Girl'Hybrid Tea 5LtClassic, double, hybrid tea, light yellow blooms with a lovely fragrance; repeats well. Healthy, rich green foliage with good disease resistance. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. To: 90x60cms.£18.255.00
Rose 'New Dawn' (AGM)Climbing 4LtHeavily scented, silvery-pink, semi-double flowers appear in clusters or singly. Healthy, glossy foliage. Justifiably popular rose. 3.0x2.5m. Continuous flowering.£16.9512.00
Rose 'Nostalgia'Hybrid Tea 4LtStriking, fragrant blooms of white edged a rich cherry-red; repeat. Blooms hold well in wet weather. Upright habit the young foliage tinted bronze-red maturing to rich green. Good disease resistance. Ht: 60-75cms.£18.251.00
Rose 'Paul's Himalayan Musk'Rambler 4Lt(Moschata) Large clusters of small, soft-pink, fragrant blooms. Sea-green leaves often have a limp appearance. Suitable for north aspect & shade. Rampant climber suitable for growing through trees etc. 7.0x4.0m. Summer flowering.£16.953.00
Rose 'Penny Lane'Climbing 5LtSmall sprays of honey-champagne, fragrant blooms. Free flowering through until autumn. Plentiful, small, mid-green foliage. Rose of the Year, 1998£16.956.00
Rose 'Perfect Harmony'Hybrid Tea 4LtLarge, shapely, HT type, double soft yellow blooms with frilly soft pink edging and a strong, sweet fragrance; repeat flowering. Rich green leaves with excellent disease resistance. Fertile retentive soil in sun or part shade. 1.2m.£15.502.00
Rose 'Phyllis Bide' (AGM)Rambler 5LtClusters of small, semi-double blooms subtely blended pink, salmon & gold; lightly scented. Light green foliage. Shade tolerant. Moderate growth. 3.0x2.0m. Repeat flowering.£16.957.00
Rose 'Pure Poetry'Hybrid Tea 4Lt(Hybrid Tea) Fully double, rich burgundy red blooms with a beautiful fragrance; repeat flowering.Strong, upright stems with rich green foliage having good disease resistance. To: 1.2x90cms.£18.255.00
Rose 'Rachel'Hybrid Tea 4LtThe large blooms are fragrant, peachy pink very full with attractive frilled petals. Abundant mid green glossy foliage. Repeat flowering. Good as a cut flower. Size 100cm x 50cm.£18.254.00
Rose 'Rhapsody in Blue'Floribunda 4LtHeads of a striking soft violet-blue, very fragrant blooms; repeat. Neat, medium-size, hybrid tea like buds open to semi-double heads with a boss of yellow stamens. More like a shrub rose in habit being tall and slightly spreading. Rose of the Year 2003.£15.504.00
Rose 'Roseraie de L'Hay' (AGM)Rugosa 4Lt(Rugosa) Fine 'rugosa' bearing large, semi-double, loosely formed, purple-crimson blooms of wonderful scent. Tough, disease resistant, apple-green foliage with good autumn colour. Strong, bushy habit. 1.8x1.5m. Any aspect. Perpetual flowering£15.501.00
Rose 'Ruby Wedding'Hybrid Tea 4LtNeat, scented blooms of light ruby-red. Well branched bush with glossy, dark green foliage of average disease resistance. Ht:55-75cms. (22-30ins)£15.504.00
Rose 'Sandringham'Shrub 5LtMedium sizes, fully double, deep pink, beautifully fragrant blooms fro, classic rose buds; repeat flowering. Healthy, mid green foliage. Large, robust shrub or small climber the pliable stems ideal for pillar training. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. To: 1.5x1.2m. Introduced 2016, Beales UK.£19.251.00
Rose 'Saphir'Floribunda 4LtClusters of beautiful, double, soft lilac-blue flowers with a very strong frangrance; repeat flowering. Rich green foliage with good disease resistance. Any reasonble fertile soil in sun or part shade. 1.2m£18.255.00
Rose 'Seagull' (AGM)Rambler 4LtHuge trusses of single, fragrant, pure white flowers with golden stamens, summer. Attractive grey-green foliage. Very vigorous suitable for growing into trees etc. Shade tolerant; any aspect. 5x4m+. (15ft+)£0.004.00
Rose 'Shot Silk Climbing' (AGM)Climbing 4Lt(Climbing Hybrid Tea) Large full blooms of cerise-pink, salmon & yellow with good scent. Disease resistant, glossy foliage. A vigorous climbing version of the HT rose. Suitable for shade & north aspects. 6.0x2.0m. Repeat flowering.£16.952.00
Rose 'Silver Jubilee' (AGM)Hybrid Tea 4Lt(Hybrid Tea) Shapely, scented blooms in a blend of pink, peach & cream, the colour holding well as the flower opens; free flowering. Abundant, mid-green foliage with good disease resistance. Upright habit. 75-100cms.£15.502.00
Rose 'Swan Lake'Climbing 4LtLarge, shapely, HT-type white blooms tinged pink. Very free flowering with good rain resistance. Dark green foliage. Good rose for fences, or pillars. 2.5x2.0m. Continuous flowering.£16.954.00
Rose 'The Fairy' (AGM)Polyanthus 5LtClusters of small, fully double, pale pink flowers; repeat & very free flowering. Arching & spreading habit. Mass in tubs on banks, borders etc. 1.0x1.0m£15.503.00
Rose 'The Times Rose' (AGM)Floribunda 4LtClusters of large, blood-red, scented blooms. Deep green, glossy foliage with good disease resistance. Good bedding variety of even growth. Ht:55-75cms. (22-30ins).£15.502.00
Rose 'Tickled Pink'Floribunda 4LtAttractive, free flowering variety with large trusses of scented, full petalled blooms of glowing pink with subtle shading; repeat. Dark green, glossy foliage. Good disease resistance. Ht: 75-100cms. Rose of the Year 2007£15.502.00
Rose 'Veilchenblau' (AGM)Rambler 5Lt('Violet Blue') Large clusters of small blooms of an unusual violet-blue, flecked white, & fading lilac-grey. A lovely apple scent. Best colour in part shade. Shade tolerant. Vigorous habit. 5.0x4.0m. Summer flowering.£16.952.00
Rose 'White Pet' (AGM)Polyanthus 5LtA superb little bushy rose with clusters of small, fully double, white, rosette flowers. Well clothed in shiny, dark green foliage. Shade tolerant. 60x60cms. Continuous flowering.£15.505.00
Rose 'You're Beautiful'Floribunda 4LtLarge, beautifully formed, glowing pink, scented blooms borne in abudance: repeat flowering. Neat, bushy plants with dense, glossy green foliage with good disease resistance. Ht: 60-75cms. Rose of the Year 2013 & Gold Medal winner.£15.504.00